Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sickness is the sickess!!

Ugh! I really hate feeling so yucky:( I finally got to the doctor yesterday & got meds. Man,you should see my one bottle, lots of pills I feel like a old person. And of course he told me to lose some weight, which I'm always trying to do. So I've been up and down since 2 something am. Then when I got up at 5 30 I just stayed up eat breakfast and watched the news. Should of worked out but was too dizzy. It amazes me though, because even though I've been sick I've managed to be creative this week lol. Ok, so I think I've booked another wedding for august! My lil' sister is my assistant & it's her cousin, who is also a friend of mine. They are already married,but didn't have a big wedding so they are re-newing their vows and having a big ceramony. So she asked for some sample pics and loved em:) Well, MOJO is up and I can tell ya this is probably my fave layout. Thanks so much to Becky for the Peter Pan quote;), because when I think of that movie all I can think of is Never Never land & Micheal Jackson lol

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Callin my inner Mary J

...yep people ya girl is seriously not haveing a great day. Basically i'm a giver & never a receiver. So that means I help out others,but never can get any help when I need it. And yea, family is the worst! So as your reading this ya might wanna listen to "We ride" by Mary j. Blige, it's on my list and the Beyonce's me,myself& I:) I'm not depressed just down. There's never not alot going on, unless you count all the things I'm busy with lol. Just some biggie things & plus I'm sick again! Why does my ass always get sick around the holiday?! yep I cooked Easter dinner and that evening I got sick and have been sick ever since. I finally had to get out today to grocery shop, but wally world was getting way too hot for me and I started to get light headed and dizzy. The earliest the doctor could see me was monday morning, so I'll just have to deal. I think it's just a major migraine that wont'go away. But I did get to create today and that made me feel lots better. Working on my DG & Mojo layouts and my art journaling. As of now I'm sitting here eating some Cinnabon, cinnamon bread with strawberry cream cheese (and yep it's yummy:) and finally uploaded the pics of Tali and Aubrey. I did edit one and it lookes cute, not the best considering she's my child and just wanted to run around,climb things and play strip club, ...sigh,yep my DD was swinging on poles lol and takes clothes off lol! But she did look like a fluffy candy cane:) So I'll share one pic and just noticed I didn't post last DG and Mojo challenges. Plus check out DG's this week. We had to use a line from a movie,chipboard & visible journaling. I choose Jennifer Hudson's line, "love is the thing , ya know" from Sex in the City:)
Have fun, Create:)

Monday, April 06, 2009

WooHoo! It's working...

(7 unread) Yahoo! Mail, myfaulk28

Ok, My MOJO that is! Yep your looking at one of the newest Mojo girls!! I found out last week that I made the DT. I'm supa excited to be working with all the other talented designers. And of course ya know I{heart} Marie:) She's been a great friend and I've enjoyed getting to know her. Ok, so go check out the cook challenge I'm sure this one will be very delightful;) I had a blast thinking this one up & be sure to check out Dreamgirls as well!
Of so this past weekend I finally went somewhere lol Me and lil' Miss Tali went to stay the weekend and do pics with Aubrey. Although the Diva wasn't too much on doing her pics, I did get some really cute shots of her & most of them are from the back lol but she did have fun wearing her cute, lil' outfits and petti. We went to the bus station in downtown Collinsville and the one -way street was a lil' busy so she got alot of ohh & ahhhs and how cute from people passing by in their cars. And I took my first pic of a stranger! Ok, how cool right. I saw a girl, walking down the sidewalk (her name was Nicole) and I told Aubrey she looks cool, I"m ask her if I can take her picture. I just said "hey can I take your picture? I know it sound weird but I'm a photographer& I like the grunge look" So she gladly stopped and let me take a couple shots:) I'll be uploading some of the shoots later this week. I'm busy finishing up some housework and putting together my t.v. console, yep by myself!!! Miss Independent;)