Tuesday, September 30, 2008


...and here is this lil' pretty I just finished up today. The Mojo challenge, loved this one and was glad I got it done, since I haven't done one for while. Plus, didn't wanna get the beat down from my girl Marie, since I told her I'd do it lol

It's Feeling like Fall

Yep, finally! I <3 the fall weather, Jeans, sweater& cute boots! And also getting new clothes for the kids. I told the kids we would start putting the fall decoration up tomorrow. Still need to get some hay & pumpkins, both to use for decorations and to make jackO'lanterns with. I wish I could make all those awesome jack O' laterns with the faces and witches and junk. But I'm not that talented, just a typical house mommy. But at times I feel like supermom;) Did get a lil' scrapping done this wkend. Enjoy your "cool" fall day (well if you are having one) Hugs:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to the Basics

...that was just a comment a friend who I hadn't seen in awhile made to me, when I told her I was divorced & the type of dudes I prefer now;) I guess by now I'm use to it & I'm starting to enjoy my wkends alone a little more:) One wkend I actually cryed because I missed my babies, so much. Actually the Diva more than my boys lol its just because she's always around me and it pretty much my best friend now. But my Godparents and sister came to town, so I went and hung with them most of the day. We had fun. Me and Cristy went thriting & I got a few things, then we took 2 of her nieces to DQ got ice cream, we back to Nika's and washed our cars just cause Godfather was washing his lol rode around a minute till I went home. I guess it was good for us, since we haven't talked to much, since she kinda did me dirty. But I'm learning to forgive people more and "let go & let God" I did get a few LO's done, my home cleaned. Might scrap a lil' today, but I woke up with a lil cold, so running nose and sore throat for me, Yuk!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am so tired of driving!

Ok, so I am enjoying my job as a Child Advocate. It's great to work with teens & their families, since I think I have a knack for that & have always been a good listener. But come on now, this frickin driving is killin a sista! esp, when you rollin a SUV. I got a call Wed. before 5, which I was a lil' bummed since I had company. Yep, Kenea had came over & I hadn't talked to her since she lost her twins girls. It was really hard to comfort her & see the pics of the babies at 4mt. Wow! When your prego, u don't even think of them being so developed. But I think she enjoyed the hugs from the kids and the scrappy goodness I gave her;) So anyway I got a call to go to McCleansboro, which I really didnt know where it was. So after talking to the police officer (and he's the one who gave me the bad directions!) I was on my way, came to find out I had driven a hour of the to way to carbondale! Ugh! So needless to say I got there after 7:30, then had to wait another 2 hrs for the girls father to come get her! I ended up picking my babies up like 12 30, and wasn't in the house 10min before I had to go relieve Jennifer who had taken the other call I got, right after this one. I ended up getting back home at 5 30 am! I guess lol. So K's not feeling feel, & I had to miss a call last night, so I might have to get someone to cover me for 2night. Maybe I can get some LO's done tomorrow:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yep, I gots that new stuff for ya azz;) Nah, not really (unless you count my new LO's) I really need to get me some new stuff. Dillards, has the new Ed Hardy bags *& I'm dying to get one. Well, not dying but they are tight and I really must have one. So I've been trying to do a LO a day. I'm kinda glad Tracy stayed on my butt to get me back scrapping. Didn't scrap Sunday though, just spending time with the fam. But during my late night on Saturday I did manage to finish up another one. I took a "sweet" pics of Kylon well chilling on the trampoline. Last night I did one of him painting in his undies, but not sure how I fell about it. And had to scrap my pic of the "sky" I took while lying on the tramp. Speaking of trampoline, I finally got the scare I was so afaid to get. Tali, flipped right off! Yea, my baby cryed but was ok, within a few minutes. She's always been so good on that thing, now I'm just a lil' scared to let her get back on. But being the fierce lil' Diva she is, I know that wont be happening anytime soon. Something I think I'm waaaayyy over protective of my kids, but they are my life,world & the air I breath & I think God everyday for em. Even if they get on my nerves sometimes;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was up way to late

Yep, by the time I looked at the clock it was 3 30 a.m! I guess I was in my own world of being creative, but I did get 3 LO's done. I need to journal on the 3rd and take a pic. Although I did wake up at like 8, but opted to go back to sleep till like 12 something. You would have thought I had went out lol. Did finally get my housework done! Oh, I forgot I need to fold the load of jeans I did a few days ago, Oh well It'll get done eventually. I just really feels good to feel creative again:) Playing with my paint,ink, PP & the 3 Dozens kits I had just sitting there. Yep I'm def. starting to feel better about everything:) So I guess tonight I'll do the same thing again once the kids are in bed. I'm having so much fun doing the AMM crop, it's actually the 2st online crop I've ever done....Wow, huh, but its lots of fun. Finished up Becca's Challenge with was to do a LO with 2 pics,22 brads or buttons, 2 tech,2 types of bling & 2 rub-ons or stickers. I liked the way it came out, plus the pics of Tali are from the 4th of July, last yr. But I'm glad she took the time out of her busy 1yr old schedule to pose for me. I tell ya, that girl has some legs on her! my baby is so purtty:) The 2nd challenge I did was for Anita, to make a LO & use your scraps for a card. Ok, since I'm not a card maker I had fun doing that & I think I'll send the card to one of my friends. Hope your day is as blessed as mine;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So today was cool...

Yep, I had a lovely lil' day today:) Got some LO's done & still scrapping now. With my glass of wine, yep I finally had to get me a bottle after hearing Becky talking about it. For a non-drinker, I guess its ok. Earlier we just kinda chilled, ordered take out (chinese) and the kids played outside. I stepped out for a lil' bit ,but dang the mosquitoes are terrible here! Well it's back to da scrappiness and hope I don't fall asleep from the wine. Ummm, maybe I should stick to my favored water and kool-aid.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Some pretties...

Ok, so things are finally getting back to normal & I feel like Creating again! Did 2 LO's yesterday and tonight I'm joining in on the crop fun at AMM. So I need to wash dinner dishes, sweep and mop the floor, but all that can wait till in the morning, well except putting the kiddos to bed lol Okay, just the boys cause the Diva usually stays up with me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too days 2 many....

well for Tracy it is. I don't blog enough lol & I haven't posted any of my work in she long. Been busy trying to "learn" the single mom thing now & of course bible study lol But I have been creating;) In my art journal, ATC's, photos and a lil' sumtin, sumtin. Maybe when my life slows down a bit and takes a breather I'll post something.lol

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ok, soooo

I started a new blog, but when I signed in it took me back to my old blog LMAO!! So see Tracy atleast I did post something lol. Here are some shots from my last photoshoot of the fab. Cymber. She is so much fun.