Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yep, I gots that new stuff for ya azz;) Nah, not really (unless you count my new LO's) I really need to get me some new stuff. Dillards, has the new Ed Hardy bags *& I'm dying to get one. Well, not dying but they are tight and I really must have one. So I've been trying to do a LO a day. I'm kinda glad Tracy stayed on my butt to get me back scrapping. Didn't scrap Sunday though, just spending time with the fam. But during my late night on Saturday I did manage to finish up another one. I took a "sweet" pics of Kylon well chilling on the trampoline. Last night I did one of him painting in his undies, but not sure how I fell about it. And had to scrap my pic of the "sky" I took while lying on the tramp. Speaking of trampoline, I finally got the scare I was so afaid to get. Tali, flipped right off! Yea, my baby cryed but was ok, within a few minutes. She's always been so good on that thing, now I'm just a lil' scared to let her get back on. But being the fierce lil' Diva she is, I know that wont be happening anytime soon. Something I think I'm waaaayyy over protective of my kids, but they are my life,world & the air I breath & I think God everyday for em. Even if they get on my nerves sometimes;)


TracyP said...
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TracyP said...

Oh WOW! You have been blogging and scrappin too!
YAY for you girl:) these LO's are Dynomite! Lmao I think that word has been out of circulation for some time now. But you get the jist:)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u write well
maybe u will read one of my books one day
hope u dont mind the drive by