Friday, April 11, 2008

Check me out (Oh Marie)

lol Ok, I had to kinda go with 2 titles lol. Ok Miss bettiescrapbook, I'm trying to blog but I don't think blogger really likes me! I've reset the passwords and It still wont let me signin! I'll click the stupid sign-on and Nothing! So I had to go through the Goggle account and all dat yada yada lol
But yep I have a few thing to share and probably more tommorow:0 Cause Peeps it's suppose to be cold here tomorrow , like 45! Dang! when it gonna be spring,for petes sake, I mean come on I need some warmth.
And if ya wanna be cool please go here:

And looky who the Guest Designer is....what, could it be lil' old moi?! Yep so how excited I am to be doing this for Lu Braxton! I mean she totally is awesome so I'm honored she asked me:) So thank Ya LU:)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is like*WOW*

I'm finally able to blog again after
4mts!!! And once again its all thanks to DALIS
that girl is so wonderful and a computer genius.
I've known her every since I've been scrapping and
I just luv her to death! So thanks girlie:)

And now I dont have anything to blog about lol.
So maybe tomoorow:)