Friday, December 21, 2007

Its bout that time;)

Ummm, nope not that time of the month lol.. time to get another, my lil' camera has really about had it esp. since the Diva feels the need to play with it, drop it and with ever else her lil heart desires lol. I really think I wanna get my a Canon digi rebel but dang, so much money, but than again it will be worth in in the long run. But speaking of being broke I just dropped like over a 165. or more on this like cute Baby Phat jacket ( and yes, I just had to have it) and yea, it was on sell plaid bomber, oh so cute. I still sport my Wilson' leather trench and man, those coats hold up! but man, their bulky and I want one with a zipper. Sigh...and yea people we are a little broke these days so heat, well its not working or something its blowing cold air, whats up with that? we just put a new motor in it this summer when it wasn't working! but we do have the kerosene heater and you talk about hott!!! Oh well, just pray for me:( So heres my CCC #8 Challenge Have a lovely day:)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kiss The Baby!!!

Yep that makes me happppppy!! And she doesnt feel well today neither do i. Called in yesterday & found out its gonna cost 3600, to fix my stupid truck! AWWW I really dont know what to do:( so today hasn't been a good day for me, but the SISta have been really good at cheering me up the Fab Gigi Kennedy sent me a cool Youtube, which was very funny. So later on, unthough I'm po, when the Diva takes her nap I think I'll order Pizza for the boys and then get down and dirty with some scrappy. Sent I got some yummies in the mail today, so thanks to who eva sent me the awesome , Elsie, and the very cool grunge board and glimmer mist!! So I wanna get my hands dirty with that! And if ya haven't checked out this wks chit chat challenge and ya luv ya some bling likes I do, go head and give it a whirl. Heres mine.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Supa dupa Fly

... I don't know that just sounds like a cool title lol Ok, finally got the Diva's 18mts pics from Sears, like a mt late, oh well. And yet its time for Christmas pics! Despite my day not to good, I still feel Blessed!!!:) Took my truck to the auto place to see whats wrong , so hopefully (please pray for a Sista) its nothing as big as me thought, so they can get it fixed and I can trade the mug in. So on a good note, I lub meeting new and uber cool talented scrap friends & been finding me name and like to ma blog on some very cool ladies blogs. Doesn't stuff like that make ya happy!!! So this chicka rawks
Marie, but on the board she goes by "Bettyscrapbook" I just think this is cool;) So since i'm blog duh, I really need to get Dalis to add me a lil' list so everyone can see all the neats blogs I read. Ok, Marie I'm off to scrap and better work on my MOJO challenge.

Holla at ya girl;)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My cute lil' mini's

Ok, so I had one of my nights last nite where I couldn't go to sleep. Visions of creating in my head ;) So I got up at 11 something created a few mini's (atc's) got online, SIS then back to my scrapdesk to create more mini's. I've just gotten into these babies and they are addictive lol. Just did my first set last month for Stacey Fike's swap and being so inspired be Vee, that girl can work a dailie:) She said mine were gorgeous:) So of course I'm very happy:) but she said she hopes I creat more of em. hmmmm... but think I will

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One of those dayz:(

...Yep, I'm having one of those days again. We're I'm broke and depressed, and just not felling to great about anything. I know Waaaa:( Just worring about things,bills and christmas stuff and generals. But I did order me some hambly yesterday ( I know drool lol) would of been great if it came today, but won't ship till tomorrow. Maybe I'll create some mini's or a something quick to feel better. But seeing my lil' cutie running around with a bag of radishes is hilirous lol.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wow, already the 1st

Man, I can't believe its the first of December already!!! Man, that means it's only 3 wks till Christmas!! I'm so not ready, went and got my hair done today and wanted to go in the mall,but man, it was sooo dang packed and I really don't even wanna think about shopping lol. Maybe I'll see what I can get online and do some shopping on the wk days;) Well, check out the new Challenge at Chit Chat. Can u scrap without adhesive? I didn't think I could,but I took the challeng and ran with it lol