Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Supa dupa Fly

... I don't know that just sounds like a cool title lol Ok, finally got the Diva's 18mts pics from Sears, like a mt late, oh well. And yet its time for Christmas pics! Despite my day not to good, I still feel Blessed!!!:) Took my truck to the auto place to see whats wrong , so hopefully (please pray for a Sista) its nothing as big as me thought, so they can get it fixed and I can trade the mug in. So on a good note, I lub meeting new and uber cool talented scrap friends & been finding me name and like to ma blog on some very cool ladies blogs. Doesn't stuff like that make ya happy!!! So this chicka rawks
Marie, but on the board she goes by "Bettyscrapbook" I just think this is cool;) So since i'm blog duh, I really need to get Dalis to add me a lil' list so everyone can see all the neats blogs I read. Ok, Marie I'm off to scrap and better work on my MOJO challenge.

Holla at ya girl;)


Marie said...

Ok how supa dupa fly are you? Im thinking a whole 110% right now! Girl you just made my day let me tell you! You are super sweet and Im sending you a big ol hug from me! I cant wait to see that challenge! Im gonna hold ya to it. Hehehehe!

Michelle said...

I think its so funny to see that my friend Marie and you found each other. She's on my list of blog links. :)