Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blah Saturday

Ok, my Saturday was not how I planned. I did get my hair done & score @ Hobby Lobby with all the Scrapping stuff being 50% off. So I got most of the Elsie "Lola & Riley " stuff which I hadn't really gotten. Did some shopping my Tali. 2 new pairs of shoes ( a size 6!) room to grow and a few outfits. No scrapping since on the way home my truck broke down!!:9 stupid Fords. Don't ever buy a Ford SUV, if you don't own one. Its still sitting on the road as we have to wait to see if our ins. approves towing and the towing we did call, said since its 4 wheel drive would need a flat bed to tow it. Oh, well when it rains it pours. But her is your b-day card Michelle & yes I'll send it and the LO I did a few wks back.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boring Saturday"

Yep, its Saturday and once again I'm bored. Usually I'll be watching the Harrah's club while scrapping. But I'm just so tired and of course, Tali is awake. I just don't feel inspired today. Been looking online trying to find something but just can't :( Its been a long week. Well no more OT for Trajdan as of Friday, of course I knew since last wk they were going to discharge him. But as I was sitting in the waiting rm during his session, I got a zit cause I was so nervous. I got a email for "Corrine Delis (she having probs to) and she thought things for better in the states, NOT! So hopefully we can find something else. I think I'll try putting him in some type of lessons him & Kylon really like karate. So that would be something they can do together. Ok harrahs' is on... Later.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

So proud to be their mommy:)!!!!

Ok, so I did these 2 LO's tonight and I'm working on another one now (Becky was suppose to be doing some LO's to ,but I dont know what happend to her) maybe she's cleaning her toliet lol. The 1st is from Christmas last year of Tali and grandpa I had started on it a while back on just putting down the Elsie cs & sanding it and that was it so I finished it. I've been really into cardboard and masking tape latley and Becky said "Huh!! was I told her I was putting in on the 2nd LO. But on the one I had planned used the background (i made it a few days ealier with bubblewrap and paint) put I had the pic of Kylons so I used it for that.
Not to brag on him but he's the coolest ...sometimes well of my kids are and smartest lil boy you'll meet , very intellitual. I journaled about the pic. And why he colored it the way he did, since we are a bi-racial family, my DH said he doesn't think he knows most family are suppose to be one color. So he makes everybody "clored" yellow, pink, brown ,etc, lol so in our house were all a different color :) Isn't it BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking at a New Window

...hopefully lol got the estimate for out new windows and the ones the ins will cover for the storm damage & it was over there cost so back to take the papers in tomoorow. Place wanna make the one in the family room a bigger one since it's too small. Our family rm use to be a garage and i guess they just let the family small to. So to me it looks dumb so we're gonna make it bigger, should looke nicer :) And got a LO done tonight for the OLW challenge. Glad, I finally got some scrapping in. I will tight trying to fit it in though. Tali was not in a good mood. She's really cranky and tired. I think she still doesn't feel well. So thank God she's sleeping now, my poor baby. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Nite

Monday, September 10, 2007


Got a little surprise in the mail today. When the mailman pulled into the drive I was expecting my PI kit, but I got a lil present from Eefie, form Holland. I played along with the Red Velvet girls in their Swapjack. Was alot of fun getting together your 3 fave things and swapping with a partner. So of course one of mine had to be a MAC product lol and I (Heart ) scollopes now, so a pair of scollope scssiors ,stickles and another lil bag of goodies filled with tags, flowers, blings and more. But sweet Eef sent me some cool tag with a Elsie print, a facial mask, some MM chipboard, 2 cool handmad coasters. 1 says yours and then mines. And a awesome ceremic Owl in a reddiesh color. Perefect match for my kitchen!! and even the postcard was neat. So here's my pic of that and oh! my Cover of my ARt SLaM JoURnaL :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where's Da Remote

I don't know, that's what Kyle is asking me now at 1 in tha morning. I'm a little tired. Finally got my hair done!!! Cause if you know me you know I can't survive with out it. Like wearing my spikey but looks even better when it's did. So Sherrike rode over with me and we made a little girls day out of it. With to the mall & a few other stores and of course I had to stop of the MAC counter, even tho I am 'po and to pick up the new season's lipglass. She laughed at me for paying the price , but the got their eyeliner lol. Got Tali a few girlie things for her hair, even though she'll pull em' out and some clothes and we eat. And I was determined to find me a Red microwave and I did. We had fun. So maybe tomorrow I'll get to scrap (after laundry) Told my Best buddy on WT, I'd post a few things. So here's the LO I did I think last wk, luv the pic of Tali and my BPS green LO of Kermit the Frog.
Outtie 5000

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A fender (Bender) day

Yep , had a backing mishap today. Didn't see the car as I was backing out a clients drive, but luckily it was a friend's sister and she was cool about it so she gave me her insur. info and didn't want to call the po-po . So I hope they can get her car fixed soon. I told Michell thats what I get for going back to work lol.
I haven't been online alot lately think I've been too lazy, but on the other hand started working last wk and have been getting my house organized and cleaned. Throwing lots of un-needed stuff AWAY , and giving away, redirecting. About to paint the boys room and maybe re-do mine. Called the guy about putting in some new and much needed windows, which part of will be a insurance claim. We had a storm which blow a couple out a little, so that will help. Kyle's been good at helping cleaning , but Tali Pain has also been helping in messing up! lol I guess thats much expecting when you have a baby ;)