Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blah Saturday

Ok, my Saturday was not how I planned. I did get my hair done & score @ Hobby Lobby with all the Scrapping stuff being 50% off. So I got most of the Elsie "Lola & Riley " stuff which I hadn't really gotten. Did some shopping my Tali. 2 new pairs of shoes ( a size 6!) room to grow and a few outfits. No scrapping since on the way home my truck broke down!!:9 stupid Fords. Don't ever buy a Ford SUV, if you don't own one. Its still sitting on the road as we have to wait to see if our ins. approves towing and the towing we did call, said since its 4 wheel drive would need a flat bed to tow it. Oh, well when it rains it pours. But her is your b-day card Michelle & yes I'll send it and the LO I did a few wks back.

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nikki peterson said...

i totally love your LOs.. so cute! YES! you must join SIStv... so full of inspo and positive energy. i love it there.. find me when you join!