Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boring Saturday"

Yep, its Saturday and once again I'm bored. Usually I'll be watching the Harrah's club while scrapping. But I'm just so tired and of course, Tali is awake. I just don't feel inspired today. Been looking online trying to find something but just can't :( Its been a long week. Well no more OT for Trajdan as of Friday, of course I knew since last wk they were going to discharge him. But as I was sitting in the waiting rm during his session, I got a zit cause I was so nervous. I got a email for "Corrine Delis (she having probs to) and she thought things for better in the states, NOT! So hopefully we can find something else. I think I'll try putting him in some type of lessons him & Kylon really like karate. So that would be something they can do together. Ok harrahs' is on... Later.

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