Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A fender (Bender) day

Yep , had a backing mishap today. Didn't see the car as I was backing out a clients drive, but luckily it was a friend's sister and she was cool about it so she gave me her insur. info and didn't want to call the po-po . So I hope they can get her car fixed soon. I told Michell thats what I get for going back to work lol.
I haven't been online alot lately think I've been too lazy, but on the other hand started working last wk and have been getting my house organized and cleaned. Throwing lots of un-needed stuff AWAY , and giving away, redirecting. About to paint the boys room and maybe re-do mine. Called the guy about putting in some new and much needed windows, which part of will be a insurance claim. We had a storm which blow a couple out a little, so that will help. Kyle's been good at helping cleaning , but Tali Pain has also been helping in messing up! lol I guess thats much expecting when you have a baby ;)

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