Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking at a New Window

...hopefully lol got the estimate for out new windows and the ones the ins will cover for the storm damage & it was over there cost so back to take the papers in tomoorow. Place wanna make the one in the family room a bigger one since it's too small. Our family rm use to be a garage and i guess they just let the family small to. So to me it looks dumb so we're gonna make it bigger, should looke nicer :) And got a LO done tonight for the OLW challenge. Glad, I finally got some scrapping in. I will tight trying to fit it in though. Tali was not in a good mood. She's really cranky and tired. I think she still doesn't feel well. So thank God she's sleeping now, my poor baby. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Nite


Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE that page. The pics and the design are great!!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layout!
one little word

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