Saturday, September 15, 2007

So proud to be their mommy:)!!!!

Ok, so I did these 2 LO's tonight and I'm working on another one now (Becky was suppose to be doing some LO's to ,but I dont know what happend to her) maybe she's cleaning her toliet lol. The 1st is from Christmas last year of Tali and grandpa I had started on it a while back on just putting down the Elsie cs & sanding it and that was it so I finished it. I've been really into cardboard and masking tape latley and Becky said "Huh!! was I told her I was putting in on the 2nd LO. But on the one I had planned used the background (i made it a few days ealier with bubblewrap and paint) put I had the pic of Kylons so I used it for that.
Not to brag on him but he's the coolest ...sometimes well of my kids are and smartest lil boy you'll meet , very intellitual. I journaled about the pic. And why he colored it the way he did, since we are a bi-racial family, my DH said he doesn't think he knows most family are suppose to be one color. So he makes everybody "clored" yellow, pink, brown ,etc, lol so in our house were all a different color :) Isn't it BEAUTIFUL.


Deborah Mahnken said...

Love your LO! The bubble-wrap painting is great :) Thanks for playing along with us!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh wow...those are SO great!

Michelle said...

awesome layouts chickie!!!
Can't believe how big Tali is getting!!OMG way to fast!
and yes where is my other package
you said you sent me over a month ago?you forogt all about me :( waaaa *crying* only joking ;)
stay out of trouble ;)

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