Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gettin back into da groove

Ok, I really need to get back into the groove of blogging! Kinda of hard to remember, after I was without my internet for almost 2 months. Hmmm... so let's give a update. Nothing much exciting happend ended up in the ER on 4th of July, had pulled a shoulder muscle so that was exciting lol. Haven't had my hair done in a couple months and it's killing me! I really feel like a crack head ( no not wha'cha think, the choice for me is drug free;) meaning I'm starting to fiend to get it done like asap. I just feel so ugly when my hair is not done! I'm one of those people who doesn't have to have my make-up on, but def need my hair did. Oh, yea had a boyfriend for a minute last month, kinda fun I guess, except I think he was bi-polar or something lol So uh yea, had to let that one go. So right now I'm just chilling. And looking for a new job. Still taking my photography classes, but had to quit my Child Advocate job, because of the hours and the bitch said it wasn't working out with me having kids and all, whatever!
Ok, so I really didn't get to much scrapping or knitting done, just alot of cleaning house, so that's a good thing I guess. But the new Dreamgirls challenge is up so come play along and first week of survior on Tallyscrapper (chill Lo) so I'll share those and hopefully my creative comes back, till then ta-ta lovelies:)
Oh, hey Tanisha lol and thanks for reading my blog girlie, hugs!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Yipee!! I finally got signed back into my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day.
Even thought I know no one really reads it but a few of my homies, but I just like
posting to it and adding my layouts. Our home computer crashed in June, so I lost alot of pics!! Was alil' sad since I hadn't printed out Christmas and the Christmas
programs pics from school so all of them are gone:( Plus some fall pics from last year as well. But I guess it's ok, now I'm on my brand new laptop I brought for my photography in like January!! it took some getting use to ,but I still need to learn how to add pics on this stupid thing!! Ok, so I've just woken up from a nap and it's almost 5pm. But I've been sick so I really need to go figure out what to have for dinner. Holla

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's getting hot in herre!!

Yep, you gotta say it like you from da Lou' ( St. Louis people) Ok, I'm so dang hot and I really hate being hot, cause sometime I start to itch lol I think it had something to do from when I was preggo I really don't know. So I've just been running around taking care of some stuff, everything except my photography stuff right.. but I'll get to it soon. Talked to Tonya yesterday and she might come and help me out with the wedding I'm doing in Sept! It would be great to have here there. Well, that's if I ever get paid. My cousin was suppose to be making payments to me but has yet to pay me anyting, sigh... so I'm still waiting plus remember I'm doing the flowers but now she's waiting to see if some of the girls are going to get the dresses.
So next week school will be out, ok I'm not really thrilled. Need to find something for the kids to do this summer. I didn't have the money for baseball sign ups for Kylon this year, plus I missed it and would have had to pay extra so I told him he can play soccer come fall and we're suppose to put Tali in dance next month. Still need to find something for Tradjan to do, but would have to be something that didn't interfer with the dates he goes to his dad's. And I need to do something!! Me and my Godsister were thinking maybe a roadtrip.? but hey you need money, so we'll have to see. Ok, well better get off and tidy up the Diva's mess before the boys get home plus I've started back on my knitting I'm getting a little bit better. My goal come this fall is to be able to knit socks, because I really don't know where mine go. Just got done comments of all the lovely Dreamgirls entries we got!! so it's still not to late to submit yours and try out for the DT if ya wanna. Holla!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No fancy frills today peeps

Yep, that means I really don't have a fancy smancy title (but hey, will someone Please, get my naked 3 year old out the front door!!!) Ok, so I've just really been busy, uhh...I think? I just haven't been doing too well, right now, more so mentally too many damn people in this family getting ill, hospital or about too die. Plus I have alot of personal stuff going on, so I'm tryint to stay strong and keep PRAYING!! Well my winter DT term for Dream Girls is up:( yep I'm sad to go, it's truely a wonderful design team to be on and a great group of ladies to be around. Well around is truely awesome, I just really enjoyed Sophia, Tanisha and Glenda their just so inspiraing and very nice:0) But you too can be a DG diva! Yep, the DT call is going on now, so if you'd like go head and try out, don't be scaarrred & put on over and check out Challenge #28 Live, Laugh, Love!!! I kinda like mine;) using a 3x3 piece of fabric, color, turquoise, red,b&w. So go play and here are a few other LO's I've done over the weekend. I've also been dabbling in my artjournal and picked my knitting needles back up to start on a pair of fingerless mitts, so wish a sista luck:)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Your invited to our Tea Party:)

My baby officially turned 3 April 28!! Yeaaaa!!! And we had hear party at Studio 50, which is a gym & dance center last saturday. Lots of fun!! And since no place seems to have "Wow, wow,Wubzy" anything she had to get a Backyardigans cake. They did a good job on it and it was tastey, don't cha just lub Tali's lil hand print in it. My friend Melissa snapped pics for me while I held her up to the cake so she could blow out the candles after we sang to her. My dad got her this lil' tea set and she just loves it! This actually her 2nd one. We got her one for Christmas and didn't know she'd love it so much. I even went to the antique shop and got a few older hats so she could have a "proper" tea party lol Just seeing the lil' teas cups stacked, the forks, spoons, knifes and lil' cute plates made me happy yesterday:) Which I really needed. I've just be down a bit. A few weeks ago I almost lost my granny. So actually did die twice, I think but they revived her. Thank God. Although she is out of ICU, she is still in the hospital. But now my aunt is in the hospital and last weekend they were calling the family in, but as of now I think she is stable. So geeesh, it's been a hetic few weeks. Have't gotten too much scrapping done and didn't even get to do anything for NSD:( With the party and family things.But I've been mostly making sure my kids are taking care of & my house is in order.
So it's a rainy day, maybe I'll get to scrap later. I did make a mini book ealier with the bind it all. I'm sorry but I just can't seem to "love" this tool. It's just dumb to me & I really don't know why I have it! hmm..mmaybe it's me. I just feel it could be simplier to use. Ok off to finish up dishes and start dinner.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sickness is the sickess!!

Ugh! I really hate feeling so yucky:( I finally got to the doctor yesterday & got meds. Man,you should see my one bottle, lots of pills I feel like a old person. And of course he told me to lose some weight, which I'm always trying to do. So I've been up and down since 2 something am. Then when I got up at 5 30 I just stayed up eat breakfast and watched the news. Should of worked out but was too dizzy. It amazes me though, because even though I've been sick I've managed to be creative this week lol. Ok, so I think I've booked another wedding for august! My lil' sister is my assistant & it's her cousin, who is also a friend of mine. They are already married,but didn't have a big wedding so they are re-newing their vows and having a big ceramony. So she asked for some sample pics and loved em:) Well, MOJO is up and I can tell ya this is probably my fave layout. Thanks so much to Becky for the Peter Pan quote;), because when I think of that movie all I can think of is Never Never land & Micheal Jackson lol

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Callin my inner Mary J

...yep people ya girl is seriously not haveing a great day. Basically i'm a giver & never a receiver. So that means I help out others,but never can get any help when I need it. And yea, family is the worst! So as your reading this ya might wanna listen to "We ride" by Mary j. Blige, it's on my list and the Beyonce's me,myself& I:) I'm not depressed just down. There's never not alot going on, unless you count all the things I'm busy with lol. Just some biggie things & plus I'm sick again! Why does my ass always get sick around the holiday?! yep I cooked Easter dinner and that evening I got sick and have been sick ever since. I finally had to get out today to grocery shop, but wally world was getting way too hot for me and I started to get light headed and dizzy. The earliest the doctor could see me was monday morning, so I'll just have to deal. I think it's just a major migraine that wont'go away. But I did get to create today and that made me feel lots better. Working on my DG & Mojo layouts and my art journaling. As of now I'm sitting here eating some Cinnabon, cinnamon bread with strawberry cream cheese (and yep it's yummy:) and finally uploaded the pics of Tali and Aubrey. I did edit one and it lookes cute, not the best considering she's my child and just wanted to run around,climb things and play strip club, ...sigh,yep my DD was swinging on poles lol and takes clothes off lol! But she did look like a fluffy candy cane:) So I'll share one pic and just noticed I didn't post last DG and Mojo challenges. Plus check out DG's this week. We had to use a line from a movie,chipboard & visible journaling. I choose Jennifer Hudson's line, "love is the thing , ya know" from Sex in the City:)
Have fun, Create:)