Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now thats too dang Cute!!!!

Of course its the Diva, :) She cracks me up with these lil' star stunnas on lol. And yep being that I am her mommy she does have a pair. Complaments of Krystal. But I guess these are her in house pair lol along with a onesie. Gotta keep these on, since she into taking of the diapy. We're in the process of trying to potty train. My friend said "so soon" I know today she's 19mts. but she's showing the signs and hates having the poop on her. So runs to us and cries, she really gets mad lol. So far all we have gotten is her flusing the toilet lol.
Well finally got my LO, for DT done, after doing two the 2nd was a success. Man, its really hard making a LO without ADHESIVE!! Started to use my Janome, since I never had, but opted for rub's,paint,hand sewing, brads, buttons. attached them with paint. It actually looks pretty good, so hoping it doesn't come apart lol

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hmm, I know thats not really a title, but oh well. Not feeling good today, for awhile I though I was having a heart attack. My left side totally hurt and was numb. Am I too young for that? And although my head is pounding, I still feel like creating a lil' sumtin. I might see what I can come up with in a few, or atleast start on something before bed;) Just finishing up my wk 5 & 6 CCC stuff. Man, I lub being challenged and this site def does that, I'm amazed at the challenge Marie & Wendy come up with. I be really thinking too lol. Wait.... whats that I hear, yep its the V-smile. Dang it I told them kids to go to bed,like a half hour ago lol. So I must do my motherly duties now lol.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday......NOT

.... nope, come on now, fo real. Yea, I really don't even do that lol. 1. too many peeps and 2. If somebody pushes or knocks me down its on lol. Today one of my clients was trying to figure out why its called "Black" friday.. hmmmm, don't know do u? I had a nice Thanksgiving, how bout you? Didn't ate alot, now even everything I made and we had some food lol. Vistied a lil, took some naps and thats its. I am thankful my granny was able to be home to enjoy the holiday with the family & I'm greatful for my lil' ones:) You should of seen Diva in the cranberry lol. So if ya haven't go over to CCC and check out our challenge for this wk. All the girls their so Rawk and I'm lub'n all the entries. So here's my take on Wk.4 To use the quote "Each family has moments" 7 different PP, & fabric. Holla

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps

.. I hope ya guys have a great one;) I'm cooking, so I'm gonna take me a lil' nap and start. My stupid computer is acting up, and I'm trying to post my CCC , LO.. sigh.. too day hasn't been good. Kids were moody this morning, plus I'm starting to feel sick. So I'm trying to make the best of it. So please pray for a sista lol.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swing Down, I wanna ride

... Oh my bad. Singing Dr. Dre's "Let me Ride" & all my friends are laughing because that is my answer tone when ya call my celly lol. Man, thats a Ole'school fo yo azz ;) Well, its almost Friday and since not a lot of people read my blog (I think) I'm post my CCC wk.#3 LO. I'm luv'n it , plus it took my like a week to do it lol Using that calender was hard, then finding a white one lol. I'm finally going to get my hair done. I've cancel twice, I know my stylist is hating me now lol. But seems like when I make my appts. Kyle has a gig:( so its put off. Gonna stop at HL, Target to just to look. But first stopping off at the post office, since I have lots of stuff to mail. Happy mail though :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Its Raining, Its Pouring;)

...And although I'm sooo dang tired, I felt the need to create:) So Thank Ya, Stacey Fike (she totally Rawks da ATC,) I'm doing my 1st set for her Christmas swap at SIS. Wasn't to sure how they'd turn out but look'n quite:) Had some paint left over and made 2 extra cards just because. Maybe I'll RAK 'em.
I feel lots better after having a lil' talk with my "other Sista" Kristie. I swear me and her are separted choc. & vanilla twins lol. I just never like to talk about my probs. I know they say it makes ya feel better, but I've always been the listener hmmm... maybe I had too many friends with problems lol. But I did get some scrapping done saturday night (2) tried to do a 3rd, but I think after two my mojo is gone lol. So I'll share em and later on this wk a lil' peeky at my ATC ;) Oh, gotta shout out my girl Fauve, she is so sweet. So u Rawk girl!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ok, Fauve there's nothing to celebrate today girl:( I've been having a bad day, well I guess not to bad,I'm just moody I think. Just been having some weird emotions going on and people making me upset. But I guess I can't let that stuff bother me all the time. So what am I gonna do about it...Hmmmm? I'm gonna scrap people , yep take all my pinned up engery and make some scrapping pretties:) And if ya haven't checked out Chit Chat Challenge, please come join us! Awesome fun. And believe me it'll get your mojo going. I lub to think outside the box & do different things, but even some of these challenges are making me think lol And Wendy is so cool, we've gotten challenges 4-6 to work on, so thats what I'll be doing later on. Oh and maybe calling Jennifer P. she's so call another one of my SISers I've met. And if ya get a change come hang out at SIStv. So much lovin talent & awesome girls(guys) Come on all the cool kids are doing it lol. So here are my wk 1 &2 DT challenges for CCC.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

WoooHoooo Its da 1st of tha Month

...wake up,wake up,wake up its the first of the mooonth , so cash you checks and com'on. lol just a lil' Bone Thugs n Harmony for ya. But I am happy its Nove.1st.
2 reasons: Tomorrow Kylon will Officaily be 6!
and 2 our first cool challenge at Chit Chat(

is up. So please come play along, very awesome fun & so much talent ;)

On another cool note, finally got to go pic up Tali's Story Book, from Once Upon a Lifetime photo . OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Its the most pretties thing I've ever seen in my Life (of course since it has my Beautiful baby in it lol) It looks like a lil' yearbook, such wonderful eyecandy, sheer beauty. Ahhh that just made my day :)