Thursday, November 01, 2007

WoooHoooo Its da 1st of tha Month

...wake up,wake up,wake up its the first of the mooonth , so cash you checks and com'on. lol just a lil' Bone Thugs n Harmony for ya. But I am happy its Nove.1st.
2 reasons: Tomorrow Kylon will Officaily be 6!
and 2 our first cool challenge at Chit Chat(

is up. So please come play along, very awesome fun & so much talent ;)

On another cool note, finally got to go pic up Tali's Story Book, from Once Upon a Lifetime photo . OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Its the most pretties thing I've ever seen in my Life (of course since it has my Beautiful baby in it lol) It looks like a lil' yearbook, such wonderful eyecandy, sheer beauty. Ahhh that just made my day :)


*fauve* said...

wow what a happy day!I'll celebrate with you :D

Jennifer said...

really? bone thugs n harmony. girl. if for no other reason than that you are freakin' awesome! that take me waaaayyyy back! lol!