Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now thats too dang Cute!!!!

Of course its the Diva, :) She cracks me up with these lil' star stunnas on lol. And yep being that I am her mommy she does have a pair. Complaments of Krystal. But I guess these are her in house pair lol along with a onesie. Gotta keep these on, since she into taking of the diapy. We're in the process of trying to potty train. My friend said "so soon" I know today she's 19mts. but she's showing the signs and hates having the poop on her. So runs to us and cries, she really gets mad lol. So far all we have gotten is her flusing the toilet lol.
Well finally got my LO, for DT done, after doing two the 2nd was a success. Man, its really hard making a LO without ADHESIVE!! Started to use my Janome, since I never had, but opted for rub's,paint,hand sewing, brads, buttons. attached them with paint. It actually looks pretty good, so hoping it doesn't come apart lol

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Thomisia said...

Love her stunna shades...too cute!