Friday, March 27, 2009

The Soloist

Yep, A older pic from last year, but I just feel that it signifies this blog post. My title is actualy from a new movie that is soon to be realeased called "The Soloist" which is a true story. It about a man,who was one of the few African Americans to be accecpted into Jillard, but he ended up getiing schiorenia and losting everything. Years later a journalist befriend him and is now telling his story! He's also a amazing! musican and Jaime Foxx is portraing him in the movie. So I'm def. going to own it;)
There are time when I feel like a soloist. I'm different and always have been. I march to the beat of my own drum, I def don't kiss azz or that shizz form no-one! I've always tried to stay true to myself and who I be, but I think along the way I've lost some of me. So as I've stated befor it's a newer and happier me this year:) Yep, I've already had people try to tear me down and put me done,but hey I've
learned to over look petty thing and stupid people. But there are things I've like to do more of this year:)

1. Take more photos! just of everything things,stuff & junk! Outside of doing my sessions.

2. Start wearing more Vintage clothes & wear my jewlery more!

3.More outside time & trips with the kids.

4. More vists to the nursing him to see my granny. I love me some Josephine!!!

5. More artjournaling and finishing up projects

6.Start back attending church reg.

7.Have more self confidence and be HAPPY with who I am

8. I still wanna lost weight lol

9. Uh, paint the boys room (don't really envole "me" but just something I need to get done) lol

10.Pray more & everyday!!

Ok, whewww! I got 10. So if ya have any ideas or suggestions Please, let a sista know:) I'm always open to ideas and CC. In other news.................
I HAVE A SECRET!!!! But at this moment I can't tell ya, so you'll have to stay tuned.

Have a Blessed Day & do something Creavtive!!! Love ya like a play cousin.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dreamgirls Challenge #24

Ok, so DUH!! I totally forgot to add my Dreamgirls challenge Layout for this week!! I had so much fun doing this one (actually did it a few wks back) so no scrapping as of this week...YET! But did get my desk cleaned off and re-arranged so I'm really ready to mess it up now. So let my get my azz off the computer, go cook our dinner for tonight, nothing fancy just tacos, but Yummmy! And plus lil' lady is asleep so it's on like Donkey Kong!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So who's crankier than a 2yr. old Diva!!!

Yep, there's a tantrum going on right now lol all because she couldn't stay with her granny. But of course I think it's past nap time. Ok, she just fell to the ground lmao!! Ok enough of that, I love my babies fo'sho but sometimes I really need a break, but when their gone you know what? I usually just sit here lol But the weather is getting nicer so I'll be sitting outside knitting (yep I'm getting better;)walking (because I really really need to, cause my azz iz fat!) & doing lots of photo sesssions (hopefully:) But I've already booked a few and have some potential clients, so Praise the Lord!!
Ok, so this blog post is pretty boring with nothing to share & usually I like to have atleast one pic, but I've just been so dang busy plus the week or so I was sick. Feeling better and finishing up my anti-biotics today:) So my plan is too put the kiddos to bed early and do some scrapping! But first I wanna clean my space and re-arrange & if you know where I can get some pretty cute corner cubbby shelves please lmk. But just my luck I'm get called out, since this week I'm on call. Ok off to finish up dinner, since I do gotta feed the chil'dren.
Hugs &Holla

Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Obsessions;)

Ok, so cool now my blog has some sounds! Thanks Marie, for showing me how to do that like last year lol. The song that was just playing is Natalia's theme song "Diva" lol which she def. lives up to her title. She amazes me at how dang smart she is! She re-dressed herself last night, I was very proud. I was just sitting at the desk and her she walkes over makes some noise and I said "what's wrong?" then I send you put your pants on, wow your so smart. Of course that made he very happy.
So where have a been the last few weeks? Ok, for some reason stupid charter decided it didn't like us too much and we were having trouble with our modem. I really hate having computer problems,esp when I need it for things. Got it fixed & then I get sick! Last week was the wkend I was actually suppose to go stay with Tonya and were were gonna got shooting and I was looking forward to since I'm working on the photog site. But being as it was good, which we both don't do lol then on top of that not paying attention I opened my truck door on my eye! Ouch, I know I'm accident prone lol and then I started to take my hair done, took my 2-3 days I think. Since I did it by myself. So of course you know I won't go anywhere without my hair did , plus a swollen eye and Tonya was gonna take pics of me lol So Ugh,I'm so bummed I didn't get to go. So we're re=planning. But I did get to go to the Herrin Yarn shop, lov'ed it had so much fun meeting all the new knitter, esp. Ruth. Miss Ruth was like my teacher and was too funny! She said they were all impressed at how well I did since I've never knitted lol I've basically just taught myself:) But I'm lucky I made it home, it's a nice drive for me and I didn't fell that good when I left thought it was a migraine, but as the day continued and the next I was actually SICK! I felt so bad. So 2day I'm a lil' better , still dizzy and joint pain, but have house chores to do. Plus, I really need to get my Dreamgirls layout sent to Delores so she can post it. Mines, late but the new challenge is def. up and awesome (as always) so stop by and check it out:0 Ok, thats enough gab for now, but for those who hadn't seen my micro braids , here's a pick of what I had to take down lol But next week I'm getting it re-did!