Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Obsessions;)

Ok, so cool now my blog has some sounds! Thanks Marie, for showing me how to do that like last year lol. The song that was just playing is Natalia's theme song "Diva" lol which she def. lives up to her title. She amazes me at how dang smart she is! She re-dressed herself last night, I was very proud. I was just sitting at the desk and her she walkes over makes some noise and I said "what's wrong?" then I send you put your pants on, wow your so smart. Of course that made he very happy.
So where have a been the last few weeks? Ok, for some reason stupid charter decided it didn't like us too much and we were having trouble with our modem. I really hate having computer problems,esp when I need it for things. Got it fixed & then I get sick! Last week was the wkend I was actually suppose to go stay with Tonya and were were gonna got shooting and I was looking forward to since I'm working on the photog site. But being as it was good, which we both don't do lol then on top of that not paying attention I opened my truck door on my eye! Ouch, I know I'm accident prone lol and then I started to take my hair done, took my 2-3 days I think. Since I did it by myself. So of course you know I won't go anywhere without my hair did , plus a swollen eye and Tonya was gonna take pics of me lol So Ugh,I'm so bummed I didn't get to go. So we're re=planning. But I did get to go to the Herrin Yarn shop, lov'ed it had so much fun meeting all the new knitter, esp. Ruth. Miss Ruth was like my teacher and was too funny! She said they were all impressed at how well I did since I've never knitted lol I've basically just taught myself:) But I'm lucky I made it home, it's a nice drive for me and I didn't fell that good when I left thought it was a migraine, but as the day continued and the next I was actually SICK! I felt so bad. So 2day I'm a lil' better , still dizzy and joint pain, but have house chores to do. Plus, I really need to get my Dreamgirls layout sent to Delores so she can post it. Mines, late but the new challenge is def. up and awesome (as always) so stop by and check it out:0 Ok, thats enough gab for now, but for those who hadn't seen my micro braids , here's a pick of what I had to take down lol But next week I'm getting it re-did!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Glad to see you back in this techno world! Hate to hear you were sick...hope all is well now.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

OUCCCHHHHH---gurl what is a sistah gonna do wit'you???---take care of that eye---did you go to the doctor to get it checked?---if you keep getting dizzy, i suggest you go in and have them to look at it---don't want you driving them babies around with one eye shut--i missed ya gurl----remain blessed!!

Lu said...

Hey!!! I have been searching for your blog and found a link in my old posts. Hope you are doing well.

Michelle said...

I love the micro braids!

Sophia said...

Ouch!!! Sounds painful Chataqua! I hope you're alright now!

Hope you're feeling better and getting into the mojo of some scrappiness! Loving your layouts you know!

luv2scrapmilestones said...

glad to see that you are doing well! Your hair looks great! I didnt know you were going through so much last year! Big hugs to ya! You held it together and you seem stronger and more beautiful for it!


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