Saturday, November 29, 2008


These are just a few of the many pics, I took Sunday of Anthony and Corey..Luv the shadows against the brick. Oh, I have gotten some LO's done,but they are for my Guest DT spot at "Free Handscraps" So I can't share just yet. But I did finish one with my Sweet spuds kit;)

So I'm like so dang sick. I feel a lil' better today than I did yesterday. Hopefully if I fell better later on tonight & the kids are asleep I might try to work on my Dec. daily album or edit the pics I took last Sunday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Please do not stand on waterfountains!

Beacause you may lose your footing and fall! yep just like I did in the city lol Of all the places to fall I would do so in St.L lol Went there to do Anthony and Corey shoot today. I was trying to get some above shoots of corey on this foundtain and get I slipped and fell hard, broke parts of my lens:( It still works though. but dang my right elbow and thigh are red and sore.
But on a good note I went and cropped with Gina and Carol yesterday! They are seriously some of the sweetest people you'll meet. When I got there Carol came out and gave me a big hug, she had also made us a great lunch. We had fun scrapping and playing camera tag lol just snacking,talking and enjoying the company. When Carol left me and Gina scrapped more and got in the zone lol we were like really concentrating. And Gina even showed me how to work the sewing maching lol So I really need to play with mine now. Its like I've been so busy this week, wow! And just been driving alot lol. I'll have to upload pics tomorrow , I'm tired and sore now.Just chatting with my girl Marie, she's so silly and always makes me laugh:) I luv ya girl, with ya silly azz. Well nite

Friday, November 21, 2008

For Real tho'

I spent too much money yesterday! I got up and left like 4 45am to my hair appt. at 6. I went to the African braiding place & got micros. They came out cute, but my head is still sore. Then I went shopping and got the kids a ton of clothes. I'm not even go say how much I spent, but lets just say when I went to check out the lady at the register asked me if it was a lay away lol. And other employees kept coming up and looking at my pile and going wow, or is that for Christmas? One lady told me she hopes Tali finds a rich husband when she grows up cause she's spoled lol. They needed new clothes thought and I'm a sucker for cute lil' girls stuff. And of course really didnt buy myself anything. Ran in HL and got some canvas' and some page protecters they were 50% off. I got 3 packs , can't beat that.
So tomorrow I'm excited , going to crop with Gina and her wonderful mom Carol! I met them on a couple MB's and so far they are the clothes people in Il. to me lol I hope we get something done lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Praise the Lord!

I finally got some money today. Have to do some running, like pay my truck payment (which I had to make two payments).But since I had the $ I went ahead & paid nexts months too. And gotta pay some other things and pay em off! It'll feel so much better when I pay off all my stuff and just have the household items and kids to take care of. I'm tired of being stressed out,yuk! I wanna try to get something creative done today, had a few house chores to do yesterday and then I got tired.I also have to upload my pics for Michelle's 30 day photo challenge on Tallyscrapper. I need energy;)

Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm like so blog ilit lol, or blogger just doesn't like me. Maybe that's the problem with having 2 email accounts lol. Well alot have happened between my last nov. post. I've done tons of LO's but Its too many to post ,so I'll just share some of the latest ones. But I am however, closer to my goal of 100 LO's I have like 14 more too do! Thats, awesome to me, considering I didn't scrap for a few months after Germanes death:( I still miss my big cousin esp. since it's almost Christmas. And I've been getting some great scrappy news! I'm guest DT for 2 different kit clubs, for the months of Dec. & Jan! And both of these two clubs are awesome, let me tell ya:)
It's so dang cold here,Kyle said it isn't that cold and its just me. I'm always cold & the oil co has been drilling 24/7 behind the house. My neighbor was complaing about the noise, but I think It's kinda cool. Plus I don't go too sleep till later anyway. Holla