Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm like so blog ilit lol, or blogger just doesn't like me. Maybe that's the problem with having 2 email accounts lol. Well alot have happened between my last nov. post. I've done tons of LO's but Its too many to post ,so I'll just share some of the latest ones. But I am however, closer to my goal of 100 LO's I have like 14 more too do! Thats, awesome to me, considering I didn't scrap for a few months after Germanes death:( I still miss my big cousin esp. since it's almost Christmas. And I've been getting some great scrappy news! I'm guest DT for 2 different kit clubs, for the months of Dec. & Jan! And both of these two clubs are awesome, let me tell ya:)
It's so dang cold here,Kyle said it isn't that cold and its just me. I'm always cold & the oil co has been drilling 24/7 behind the house. My neighbor was complaing about the noise, but I think It's kinda cool. Plus I don't go too sleep till later anyway. Holla


rachel whetzel said...

YAY!! I felt so bad about your email Q and not having a good answer for you!! Glad you got it all sorted out!! It looks really cute!

Arlene said...

hey girl!

those are some awesome LO's!!!

I havent seen ya over at Allyscraps and just wanted to say I missed you over there!

hope you're not too busy!


TracyP said...

Ok.... I am here:) LOL
I thought I had already added you! Apparently not! So I am all over it:)

Arlene said...

awww, thanks!!!

I don't have your email addy or anything so we can chat about AS, So I have to say it here:

where was it posted? I'm sorry you got offended about the election stuff. it was fun having ya over there and I'm sad about ya not being there.

You KIT too, OK?

TanishaRenee said...

oh these are fab- love the use of techniques here!

I stumbled upon your blog, hope you don't mind the random comment! LOL!

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