Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yep, that's all I got today. Still tired from my call last night. I wanna try to do a layout, but I think after "Without a Trace" I'm off to bed, oh..thats after I iron school clothes. I was def. a Pajamma day today, I went to the bank in my jammies, took the kids for a walk in my jammies lol It was fun. Kylon wanted to look for willy worms and her found 4 and a big ole' praying mantis! Although he's scared to touch any of them lol So big brother Tradjan had to do that;) It was cute watching them take turns carring the bucket. And of course the Diva rode in the wagon. After we got home I took a shower and its back in jammies lol So here's what I made for my sweet friend Carol ,for her b-day. Nitey-nite.


Arlene said...

thanks for the sweet comment!

I LOVE YOUR work!!! so bright and cheery! really eye catching.

i love your wall hangings!!! I havent attempted any of my own so when I see one it really does catch me.

glad I got ya wanting to use your BG!!! I have sooo much old paper i just hoard...too afraid to use it cuz it's too pretty to cut up. Silly, right? LOL!

Pamela said...

This is very cute! I love it.

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