Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok, so I didn't think I would miss my internet that much. But being without it for over a week really sucked! But I did get a few LO's done & thanks TP for sending messages for me lol:) You would think I would get back online to some good news, but Not! lol Tried out for a couple DT's and as usual didn't make any:( I know I suck. But basically I scrap for myself and sanity;)
So are you ready for fall? Yep, for our. Just picked up the mums today and the cornstalks and other decorations are up. I've been baking (yep homemade stuff) hmm... maybe I'm getting old, but I really need to stop eating the yummies I bake. Well off to check my Italian beef, place the mums and chill for a lil'. And tomorrow I'm outte! Yep I'm finally going out!!!

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