Monday, October 13, 2008


Yep, thats the answer for everything I guess. I just had a hard morning. When I went to pick up Tradjan, his father started a aruguement with me, about school pictures. He's so inmature and really needs to grow da F*ck up! I'm no bodies Bitch, and will not be talked to like one. I just hate stupid people, so I guess I'll have to get another lawyer and take it back to court. Which would probably be better for Tradjan, since he's always upset and moody when he comes home;(
On a good note, the rest of my day is cool. Having fun meeting all the ladies at and playing the ANTS (America's next top scrapper) I'll link later, so you can play if you want. Lots of fun. So hopefully I can get some scrap goodness done and posted tonight. I also wanna get some reading in. I was looking through my pics from Val's shoot and these made me happy:)

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Jemma said...

amazing photos!!

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