Monday, August 27, 2007


... That one be Vitamin water to you. Have u tasted this stuff its pretty good and the packageing is neat. Plus my lil' bro drinks it and he hardley ever drinks water. He was home this wkend ( thats why I was MIA online ,but lots of things to do with the kiddos and home) but anywhoo's had was drinking one called "XXX" lol
Don't have anything to show ya, I didn't scrap all wkend!! Ok, need to call Michelle and get inspired! Did talk to Kristie and she's almost done with Tali's letters for her room! I can't wait & if I know my Sistah there all ribboned up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brake Yo'Self fool!!

You about to me jacked"( oh my bad) once againg I'm being ghetto lol. Thinking of "Menace to Society" when Harold gets jacked for his Benz. Ok, so not that kind of jack, but ScrapJacked! Heres my take on Gen's LO & almost forgot to show it. I tried something new & did the whole Lo on Cardboard(hmmm...) different its ok I guess. And Oupid me , didn't let the stickle dry all the way, so oh well. Love the pic of Tali though,looking cute in her lil' dress from Michelle.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Up, uP & aWAy

It's balloon fest time here. Got up at 6am to take , my sweet lil boy to see the balloon race. These boys are just loving the balloons, they've even taken the "Shoppers Weekly" paper with all the pics of all the different balloons with them everywhere! So every time we see one, they can match it to the pic:) So there is another race this evening, so guess we'll go to that one too.
Got some school shopping down this wkend. Got all the kids some really cute stuff! and shoes of course. Nothing crafty yet, so maybe later on.

Friday, August 17, 2007

So Welcome to a "cool, New, world

Ok, so I've been waiting for my sister to call me about when she's having the baby! well about 10 somthing last nite she called & said her Dr. had broken her water. I didn't I would make it since Kyle was at work and I already had the kids in bed, since they started school today. But at 1am she was still there. So I told her to tell the nurse don't up her drugs so I could be there!! (She prob thoug I was crazY) @ 3:29am Hezakiah entered the world. And I even got to name him, his middle name. Nasir, like NAS, but she's spelling it Nycir. So how cool and check this out.
just sometime for your creative juices, that I found by accident.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yep,I really can't think of a title. Had a pretty good day today. Got out with the kids, ran into town to do some errands. Paid my car payment & picked up Natalia 2 cute little dresses. I was too hot to cook, so I just got Pizza Hut :) Did some LO's for BPS. I wasn't sure about how the "Brown would come out, but I really liked it. So thank you Elsie Flannigan, for cute brown products.

Hey Laura, loved your cute mini "I" book, I can relate to having one of those days. Maybe next time I am I'll create one, so you wanna babysit girl lol

For Melanie:)

Ok, Mel (brown english And everyone else that is asking about my pic on my ScrapJack LO. Yes, we do have our touges out!! Way you ask? Summer had a few piercing & I had deceided to get my tougue piereced so she went along (loades of fun, yeah right lol) So we were just showing off our piercings lol & being silly

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Scrap* jiggy*jiggy Jacked!!

(Gotta say it like G,ggg G-Unit) oh nevermind:) Here's my "Jack for this week. I fun doing it, kinda reminds me of something Stacey Fike would do,hmmm.?. Enjoy

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Fave

Been working on my Art Journal most of the week & this is my fave page so far. All the lil' products I like to use.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Been doin a lil sumtin

Yep, I've been creating most of the weekend. Working on my Art Journal, for Lu's "Art Slam". So much fun & artsey to play with cardboard, bubblewrap! my guesso and Lots of Paint & Ink!! Loving it . Just a little change of something different from LO's and I'm surprised at how creative I'm being & I'm really liking the journal stuff. I'm working in a page now and letting the "stickle dry. Getting a little tired so maybe I'll do a little more & off to bed. Need to spend time with Kyle , plus tomorrow I have lots of laundry to do:)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still Hot!!

... but atleast we got the air fixed now, Thank GOD. Well tried to work on some lil' projects today, like Em F. mini art cards & I just couldn't get started. Maybe later something will hit me.
But someone is being creative in the house:) Went to wal-mart earlier & Kylon picked up a ceremic train set to be painted. I was so Proud of my baby, he worked on it over a hour painting the engine and all the lil' cars. And he was determined to do it all today! It looks pretty good. My paints are getting used ,so cant complain:)

Still Hot

Its still hot here, but Thank GOD, we got our air fixed!!! I'm trying to scrap, well work on my mini art cards, for Em F. but I'm having a block. It figures, while the baby is taking her nap:(
But someone is being creative in the house. Went to Wal-mart earlier & Kylon picked up a pack of ceremic train set. He's been painting the engine, and cars for about a hour now. The like pretty cool & my Paints are getting used.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling "Artsy"

Yep, boys & girls, I've been really feeling very creative lately. There is so much inspiration out there. You find the coolest things on the web :) I hate being broke but, gotta admit I kinda like staying at home. I appreciatiate the lil' things more, like having a made bed everything. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but I can be more a housewife now lol Been cooking alot doing lots of receipes, and I've been washing dishes (for those who know me well, know I don't really do dishes) Been getting up most morings and doing me daily chores. After feeding the kids & praying.

And yes, more time for SCRAPPING how cool. I've been trying to do @ least 1 LO a nite or maybe 2. Getting involved in more groups like AA scrappers, what a lovely group of sistahs. Blogging a little more, more challenges. Cant wait for tomorrow's "jack" getting my BPS stuff done, in 8.5x11.More challenges lol starting my 1st Art Journal, doing some with Emily Falconbrides site & starting on Lu B's art slam" So cant wait to do that more. Cool stuff on Etsy, new PP, working more with my Guesso( HA!)And got my kit coming. Cant wait to get it, such goodness & really cool stuff in! Even ordered the Bam Pop" rainbow stamp and Sara's G*norm (a gnome) stamp. So cant wait till evening, when kiddos are winding down, so I can wind down and cREAte.

Wow, my longest post ever lol leaving ya with some inspiration I did Sat. nite. "1st Day" & "Relaxed Dude" And one I did last wk , just luv it, becauses it pic of Tali listening to my Cousins belly while she was preggo:)

Happy Birthday

Ooops, forgot to send a shout out to my lil' bro. Yesterday was his b-day & he turned 29. Rollin on 26in. in the Avalache. I'm really proud of my lil'bro. He's moved to Phoenix and is doing so well for himself. On another note, still waiting for our sister to have her 6th baby. Wouldn't been coo if she had him on Weasel's b-day, oh well maybe today. I'm giving her to Wed. lol

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The cow gives us Milk!!!

.....Hi-Ho the dairyO the chicken gives us eggs. Ooops sorry just singa a few verses with Kylon lol. Its to hot for a sista. We need to get the air fixed ASAP!! Thanks Stacey Fike for the supa comment on my SJ entry. U Rawk girl:)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Its sooo HOT!!

Man, its hot here. But I did get a lil' load of Tali clothes washed & put out on the line:) So I guess the weather is good for something. Got my ott-lite today & I can tell I'm gonna love it. I tried it out & its supa bright( good) And did my first 6x12 LO for the ScrapJack Challange. It was fun so what am I gonna do with it lol, maybe I'll hang it to I get a album.