Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling "Artsy"

Yep, boys & girls, I've been really feeling very creative lately. There is so much inspiration out there. You find the coolest things on the web :) I hate being broke but, gotta admit I kinda like staying at home. I appreciatiate the lil' things more, like having a made bed everything. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but I can be more a housewife now lol Been cooking alot doing lots of receipes, and I've been washing dishes (for those who know me well, know I don't really do dishes) Been getting up most morings and doing me daily chores. After feeding the kids & praying.

And yes, more time for SCRAPPING how cool. I've been trying to do @ least 1 LO a nite or maybe 2. Getting involved in more groups like AA scrappers, what a lovely group of sistahs. Blogging a little more, more challenges. Cant wait for tomorrow's "jack" getting my BPS stuff done, in 8.5x11.More challenges lol starting my 1st Art Journal, doing some with Emily Falconbrides site & starting on Lu B's art slam" So cant wait to do that more. Cool stuff on Etsy, new PP, working more with my Guesso( HA!)And got my http://www.storyofyourlife.com/ kit coming. Cant wait to get it, such goodness & really cool stuff in! Even ordered the Bam Pop" rainbow stamp and Sara's G*norm (a gnome) stamp. So cant wait till evening, when kiddos are winding down, so I can wind down and cREAte.

Wow, my longest post ever lol leaving ya with some inspiration I did Sat. nite. "1st Day" & "Relaxed Dude" And one I did last wk , just luv it, becauses it pic of Tali listening to my Cousins belly while she was preggo:)

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