Friday, August 17, 2007

So Welcome to a "cool, New, world

Ok, so I've been waiting for my sister to call me about when she's having the baby! well about 10 somthing last nite she called & said her Dr. had broken her water. I didn't I would make it since Kyle was at work and I already had the kids in bed, since they started school today. But at 1am she was still there. So I told her to tell the nurse don't up her drugs so I could be there!! (She prob thoug I was crazY) @ 3:29am Hezakiah entered the world. And I even got to name him, his middle name. Nasir, like NAS, but she's spelling it Nycir. So how cool and check this out.
just sometime for your creative juices, that I found by accident.

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