Friday, December 21, 2007

Its bout that time;)

Ummm, nope not that time of the month lol.. time to get another, my lil' camera has really about had it esp. since the Diva feels the need to play with it, drop it and with ever else her lil heart desires lol. I really think I wanna get my a Canon digi rebel but dang, so much money, but than again it will be worth in in the long run. But speaking of being broke I just dropped like over a 165. or more on this like cute Baby Phat jacket ( and yes, I just had to have it) and yea, it was on sell plaid bomber, oh so cute. I still sport my Wilson' leather trench and man, those coats hold up! but man, their bulky and I want one with a zipper. Sigh...and yea people we are a little broke these days so heat, well its not working or something its blowing cold air, whats up with that? we just put a new motor in it this summer when it wasn't working! but we do have the kerosene heater and you talk about hott!!! Oh well, just pray for me:( So heres my CCC #8 Challenge Have a lovely day:)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kiss The Baby!!!

Yep that makes me happppppy!! And she doesnt feel well today neither do i. Called in yesterday & found out its gonna cost 3600, to fix my stupid truck! AWWW I really dont know what to do:( so today hasn't been a good day for me, but the SISta have been really good at cheering me up the Fab Gigi Kennedy sent me a cool Youtube, which was very funny. So later on, unthough I'm po, when the Diva takes her nap I think I'll order Pizza for the boys and then get down and dirty with some scrappy. Sent I got some yummies in the mail today, so thanks to who eva sent me the awesome , Elsie, and the very cool grunge board and glimmer mist!! So I wanna get my hands dirty with that! And if ya haven't checked out this wks chit chat challenge and ya luv ya some bling likes I do, go head and give it a whirl. Heres mine.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Supa dupa Fly

... I don't know that just sounds like a cool title lol Ok, finally got the Diva's 18mts pics from Sears, like a mt late, oh well. And yet its time for Christmas pics! Despite my day not to good, I still feel Blessed!!!:) Took my truck to the auto place to see whats wrong , so hopefully (please pray for a Sista) its nothing as big as me thought, so they can get it fixed and I can trade the mug in. So on a good note, I lub meeting new and uber cool talented scrap friends & been finding me name and like to ma blog on some very cool ladies blogs. Doesn't stuff like that make ya happy!!! So this chicka rawks
Marie, but on the board she goes by "Bettyscrapbook" I just think this is cool;) So since i'm blog duh, I really need to get Dalis to add me a lil' list so everyone can see all the neats blogs I read. Ok, Marie I'm off to scrap and better work on my MOJO challenge.

Holla at ya girl;)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My cute lil' mini's

Ok, so I had one of my nights last nite where I couldn't go to sleep. Visions of creating in my head ;) So I got up at 11 something created a few mini's (atc's) got online, SIS then back to my scrapdesk to create more mini's. I've just gotten into these babies and they are addictive lol. Just did my first set last month for Stacey Fike's swap and being so inspired be Vee, that girl can work a dailie:) She said mine were gorgeous:) So of course I'm very happy:) but she said she hopes I creat more of em. hmmmm... but think I will

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One of those dayz:(

...Yep, I'm having one of those days again. We're I'm broke and depressed, and just not felling to great about anything. I know Waaaa:( Just worring about things,bills and christmas stuff and generals. But I did order me some hambly yesterday ( I know drool lol) would of been great if it came today, but won't ship till tomorrow. Maybe I'll create some mini's or a something quick to feel better. But seeing my lil' cutie running around with a bag of radishes is hilirous lol.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wow, already the 1st

Man, I can't believe its the first of December already!!! Man, that means it's only 3 wks till Christmas!! I'm so not ready, went and got my hair done today and wanted to go in the mall,but man, it was sooo dang packed and I really don't even wanna think about shopping lol. Maybe I'll see what I can get online and do some shopping on the wk days;) Well, check out the new Challenge at Chit Chat. Can u scrap without adhesive? I didn't think I could,but I took the challeng and ran with it lol

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now thats too dang Cute!!!!

Of course its the Diva, :) She cracks me up with these lil' star stunnas on lol. And yep being that I am her mommy she does have a pair. Complaments of Krystal. But I guess these are her in house pair lol along with a onesie. Gotta keep these on, since she into taking of the diapy. We're in the process of trying to potty train. My friend said "so soon" I know today she's 19mts. but she's showing the signs and hates having the poop on her. So runs to us and cries, she really gets mad lol. So far all we have gotten is her flusing the toilet lol.
Well finally got my LO, for DT done, after doing two the 2nd was a success. Man, its really hard making a LO without ADHESIVE!! Started to use my Janome, since I never had, but opted for rub's,paint,hand sewing, brads, buttons. attached them with paint. It actually looks pretty good, so hoping it doesn't come apart lol

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hmm, I know thats not really a title, but oh well. Not feeling good today, for awhile I though I was having a heart attack. My left side totally hurt and was numb. Am I too young for that? And although my head is pounding, I still feel like creating a lil' sumtin. I might see what I can come up with in a few, or atleast start on something before bed;) Just finishing up my wk 5 & 6 CCC stuff. Man, I lub being challenged and this site def does that, I'm amazed at the challenge Marie & Wendy come up with. I be really thinking too lol. Wait.... whats that I hear, yep its the V-smile. Dang it I told them kids to go to bed,like a half hour ago lol. So I must do my motherly duties now lol.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday......NOT

.... nope, come on now, fo real. Yea, I really don't even do that lol. 1. too many peeps and 2. If somebody pushes or knocks me down its on lol. Today one of my clients was trying to figure out why its called "Black" friday.. hmmmm, don't know do u? I had a nice Thanksgiving, how bout you? Didn't ate alot, now even everything I made and we had some food lol. Vistied a lil, took some naps and thats its. I am thankful my granny was able to be home to enjoy the holiday with the family & I'm greatful for my lil' ones:) You should of seen Diva in the cranberry lol. So if ya haven't go over to CCC and check out our challenge for this wk. All the girls their so Rawk and I'm lub'n all the entries. So here's my take on Wk.4 To use the quote "Each family has moments" 7 different PP, & fabric. Holla

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps

.. I hope ya guys have a great one;) I'm cooking, so I'm gonna take me a lil' nap and start. My stupid computer is acting up, and I'm trying to post my CCC , LO.. sigh.. too day hasn't been good. Kids were moody this morning, plus I'm starting to feel sick. So I'm trying to make the best of it. So please pray for a sista lol.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swing Down, I wanna ride

... Oh my bad. Singing Dr. Dre's "Let me Ride" & all my friends are laughing because that is my answer tone when ya call my celly lol. Man, thats a Ole'school fo yo azz ;) Well, its almost Friday and since not a lot of people read my blog (I think) I'm post my CCC wk.#3 LO. I'm luv'n it , plus it took my like a week to do it lol Using that calender was hard, then finding a white one lol. I'm finally going to get my hair done. I've cancel twice, I know my stylist is hating me now lol. But seems like when I make my appts. Kyle has a gig:( so its put off. Gonna stop at HL, Target to just to look. But first stopping off at the post office, since I have lots of stuff to mail. Happy mail though :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Its Raining, Its Pouring;)

...And although I'm sooo dang tired, I felt the need to create:) So Thank Ya, Stacey Fike (she totally Rawks da ATC,) I'm doing my 1st set for her Christmas swap at SIS. Wasn't to sure how they'd turn out but look'n quite:) Had some paint left over and made 2 extra cards just because. Maybe I'll RAK 'em.
I feel lots better after having a lil' talk with my "other Sista" Kristie. I swear me and her are separted choc. & vanilla twins lol. I just never like to talk about my probs. I know they say it makes ya feel better, but I've always been the listener hmmm... maybe I had too many friends with problems lol. But I did get some scrapping done saturday night (2) tried to do a 3rd, but I think after two my mojo is gone lol. So I'll share em and later on this wk a lil' peeky at my ATC ;) Oh, gotta shout out my girl Fauve, she is so sweet. So u Rawk girl!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ok, Fauve there's nothing to celebrate today girl:( I've been having a bad day, well I guess not to bad,I'm just moody I think. Just been having some weird emotions going on and people making me upset. But I guess I can't let that stuff bother me all the time. So what am I gonna do about it...Hmmmm? I'm gonna scrap people , yep take all my pinned up engery and make some scrapping pretties:) And if ya haven't checked out Chit Chat Challenge, please come join us! Awesome fun. And believe me it'll get your mojo going. I lub to think outside the box & do different things, but even some of these challenges are making me think lol And Wendy is so cool, we've gotten challenges 4-6 to work on, so thats what I'll be doing later on. Oh and maybe calling Jennifer P. she's so call another one of my SISers I've met. And if ya get a change come hang out at SIStv. So much lovin talent & awesome girls(guys) Come on all the cool kids are doing it lol. So here are my wk 1 &2 DT challenges for CCC.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

WoooHoooo Its da 1st of tha Month

...wake up,wake up,wake up its the first of the mooonth , so cash you checks and com'on. lol just a lil' Bone Thugs n Harmony for ya. But I am happy its Nove.1st.
2 reasons: Tomorrow Kylon will Officaily be 6!
and 2 our first cool challenge at Chit Chat(

is up. So please come play along, very awesome fun & so much talent ;)

On another cool note, finally got to go pic up Tali's Story Book, from Once Upon a Lifetime photo . OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Its the most pretties thing I've ever seen in my Life (of course since it has my Beautiful baby in it lol) It looks like a lil' yearbook, such wonderful eyecandy, sheer beauty. Ahhh that just made my day :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Luv Ya Dalis!!!

Ok, my friend Dalis totally RAWKS!! I finally made a "blog banner" and she hooked my Blog up for me :) I really don't know why I can't figure this out. Sometimes I feel really dumb:( But I guess it doesn't help to have dial up lol. Yep, I still have dial up, but when ya live in the country thats what cha get. Its not that bad, though on a good day. Finished my 1st DT project for Chit Chat. Be sure to check it out Nov. 1 The first challenge will really push ya limits, so cool.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've been TAGGED...

By this "Unpubbed" Chick

Melanie is soo kewl. So lets see. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself;)

1. I am the happiest person in the world to finally have a lil' girl
2. Still watching cartoons (yep I know almost all the Backyaridgan songs)
3. I have to have 4 icecubes in my drink
4. I'm my worst cretic
5. My dream truck is a Yukon Denali
6. I really do have a shopping prob! I look at labels waaay too much (luv the MAC makeup
7. I river dance ;) only with the kiddos

Lets see who I'm tagging: Later lol

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thats HoTt

..... I lub playing Truth or Dare over at SIS. This was Kitleen dare. To use the colors. Blue, green and Yellow. Ink, felt & 2 pieces of chipboard. I liked how it came out. And people can see that I actually do have 3 Children, even tho I do scrap alot of Tali (I really just like scrapping my baby, plus I'm supa happy to finally get a daughter lol) type="text/javascript">

I guess i can help fold the laundry lol. I washed Kyle dryed it, and he said "I guess I'll fold the laundry, since I know you won't help & you'll do that all night" yep I was at my scrap desking. Scrapping away ;) But think I'll be nice and help than do my OLW or Scrapjack LO. Than off to bed. Nitey-nite

4 Today I am a HAPPY Girl!!

Yep, I'm happy & you wanna know why?!? I just got a email with some good news:) Soon you'll be able to find me here.........................

Yeaaa, I made the Design Team over at Chit chat. Can't wait to work with these awesome Sistas and meet the other DT members. I'm sure it'll be a blast, so be sure to check it out! :) Plan on scrapping today, getting some CJ's done . And of course cleaning. The boys are gone to a derby & its just me and the Diva. Today Tali, have eaten , playing, watcing NOggin & checked her email lol she lub's the cell phone. Atleast she hasnt' made any calls (well today lol) I have gotten people calling back that shes called!lol On another note, the funeral went ok and I'm glad it wasn't to sad and my Godparents took it better than I though. But still continue to Pray for them;) Well I'm off to clean my desk so I can scrap & spread my Good News. Later

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Thats right... I said free:) Ate lunch & dinner today and didn't pay anything. Cool, but all this is the result of bad service lol. Had BK for lunch and last with when I went got a Whooper(which I didnt need) with cheese got to mamas to eat & no cheese. So I called back, Hey not trying to be cheap but they charge for that. Had Long John's for dnner. A few mts back went there paid for the food & went to drop mommy off....huh? wheres the food? They took my $$ but didn't give me anything. Then on top of that when we went back the lik' stupid girl, got a attitude with me! OH No SHe DIdn't!! So they manger had to walk her away and her gave us free dessert,which I wanted a :I'm sorry" and the cert. for 2 free meals. So hey thats cool

Friday, October 12, 2007


... That word is just stuff in my head. Been watching too much Noggin :) Trying to scrap but so far nothiing. I can never scrap what I plan on doing. Its always something else. Got my RVK & my Jenni Bowlin order came in (x twice) So maybe I'll just go to bed , and get up later to scrap.. seems to work for me. And tomorrow is a new day, yep Sat. I get to sleep in!!! Yay!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good & Bad

Today was like any other day. But still alot going on. Was waiting to see if I made the EBB creations DT...hmm? nope:( but I did get the guest Designer spot for Jan. So thats pretty cool and I'm happy with that. Baby steps lol

But during the happiness, got a phone call saying my Godsister, Cassandra had been killed. Me and mama were shocked! Had to call and check on my Godmother and told her if she needed us to come down we would (shes in Mississippi)

So remember to tell the people ya luv "I {heart} you everyday:) Oh, another coolie, I've been getting lost of cool comments on my "to do list" LO on SIS tv. Luv Elle's products.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

*NeW ThAnGS*

Well, only got 1 LO done last night. And I actually did it in the afternoon. It was kinda buy accident. I was suppose to be cleaning off my scraptable when I started playing with strips of PP. Luving being inspired like dat:) And I joined SIStv, I know I'm a lil' late, but told this girl I'd do it by Sat.

I luv meeting new peeps & scrappers are the best. I'm having fun getting to know Nikki & she's inspired me with some kewl LO. Go girl!

Cleaning today, as usual trying to get my bedroom organized so I can paint my walls & get the new comforter & curtains up. So guess I'll be out so I can do that know. OUtte 5000 ....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Got a pic posted on here.... so for those of you who don't know what I look like, there I am. Although that was b4 I had ms. T_PaIn. So my hair is now sorta like "jess's " on Rock Of Love. But its not pink, and thats after the wk or so when I've been to my stylist and thats the only why I can style it lol. And yep, I'm glad she won :) Ok, so I guess blogger was done the other day, so my pics didn't go through so I'll try again & off to bed . Toodles

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blah Saturday

Ok, my Saturday was not how I planned. I did get my hair done & score @ Hobby Lobby with all the Scrapping stuff being 50% off. So I got most of the Elsie "Lola & Riley " stuff which I hadn't really gotten. Did some shopping my Tali. 2 new pairs of shoes ( a size 6!) room to grow and a few outfits. No scrapping since on the way home my truck broke down!!:9 stupid Fords. Don't ever buy a Ford SUV, if you don't own one. Its still sitting on the road as we have to wait to see if our ins. approves towing and the towing we did call, said since its 4 wheel drive would need a flat bed to tow it. Oh, well when it rains it pours. But her is your b-day card Michelle & yes I'll send it and the LO I did a few wks back.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boring Saturday"

Yep, its Saturday and once again I'm bored. Usually I'll be watching the Harrah's club while scrapping. But I'm just so tired and of course, Tali is awake. I just don't feel inspired today. Been looking online trying to find something but just can't :( Its been a long week. Well no more OT for Trajdan as of Friday, of course I knew since last wk they were going to discharge him. But as I was sitting in the waiting rm during his session, I got a zit cause I was so nervous. I got a email for "Corrine Delis (she having probs to) and she thought things for better in the states, NOT! So hopefully we can find something else. I think I'll try putting him in some type of lessons him & Kylon really like karate. So that would be something they can do together. Ok harrahs' is on... Later.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

So proud to be their mommy:)!!!!

Ok, so I did these 2 LO's tonight and I'm working on another one now (Becky was suppose to be doing some LO's to ,but I dont know what happend to her) maybe she's cleaning her toliet lol. The 1st is from Christmas last year of Tali and grandpa I had started on it a while back on just putting down the Elsie cs & sanding it and that was it so I finished it. I've been really into cardboard and masking tape latley and Becky said "Huh!! was I told her I was putting in on the 2nd LO. But on the one I had planned used the background (i made it a few days ealier with bubblewrap and paint) put I had the pic of Kylons so I used it for that.
Not to brag on him but he's the coolest ...sometimes well of my kids are and smartest lil boy you'll meet , very intellitual. I journaled about the pic. And why he colored it the way he did, since we are a bi-racial family, my DH said he doesn't think he knows most family are suppose to be one color. So he makes everybody "clored" yellow, pink, brown ,etc, lol so in our house were all a different color :) Isn't it BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking at a New Window

...hopefully lol got the estimate for out new windows and the ones the ins will cover for the storm damage & it was over there cost so back to take the papers in tomoorow. Place wanna make the one in the family room a bigger one since it's too small. Our family rm use to be a garage and i guess they just let the family small to. So to me it looks dumb so we're gonna make it bigger, should looke nicer :) And got a LO done tonight for the OLW challenge. Glad, I finally got some scrapping in. I will tight trying to fit it in though. Tali was not in a good mood. She's really cranky and tired. I think she still doesn't feel well. So thank God she's sleeping now, my poor baby. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Nite

Monday, September 10, 2007


Got a little surprise in the mail today. When the mailman pulled into the drive I was expecting my PI kit, but I got a lil present from Eefie, form Holland. I played along with the Red Velvet girls in their Swapjack. Was alot of fun getting together your 3 fave things and swapping with a partner. So of course one of mine had to be a MAC product lol and I (Heart ) scollopes now, so a pair of scollope scssiors ,stickles and another lil bag of goodies filled with tags, flowers, blings and more. But sweet Eef sent me some cool tag with a Elsie print, a facial mask, some MM chipboard, 2 cool handmad coasters. 1 says yours and then mines. And a awesome ceremic Owl in a reddiesh color. Perefect match for my kitchen!! and even the postcard was neat. So here's my pic of that and oh! my Cover of my ARt SLaM JoURnaL :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where's Da Remote

I don't know, that's what Kyle is asking me now at 1 in tha morning. I'm a little tired. Finally got my hair done!!! Cause if you know me you know I can't survive with out it. Like wearing my spikey but looks even better when it's did. So Sherrike rode over with me and we made a little girls day out of it. With to the mall & a few other stores and of course I had to stop of the MAC counter, even tho I am 'po and to pick up the new season's lipglass. She laughed at me for paying the price , but the got their eyeliner lol. Got Tali a few girlie things for her hair, even though she'll pull em' out and some clothes and we eat. And I was determined to find me a Red microwave and I did. We had fun. So maybe tomorrow I'll get to scrap (after laundry) Told my Best buddy on WT, I'd post a few things. So here's the LO I did I think last wk, luv the pic of Tali and my BPS green LO of Kermit the Frog.
Outtie 5000

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A fender (Bender) day

Yep , had a backing mishap today. Didn't see the car as I was backing out a clients drive, but luckily it was a friend's sister and she was cool about it so she gave me her insur. info and didn't want to call the po-po . So I hope they can get her car fixed soon. I told Michell thats what I get for going back to work lol.
I haven't been online alot lately think I've been too lazy, but on the other hand started working last wk and have been getting my house organized and cleaned. Throwing lots of un-needed stuff AWAY , and giving away, redirecting. About to paint the boys room and maybe re-do mine. Called the guy about putting in some new and much needed windows, which part of will be a insurance claim. We had a storm which blow a couple out a little, so that will help. Kyle's been good at helping cleaning , but Tali Pain has also been helping in messing up! lol I guess thats much expecting when you have a baby ;)

Monday, August 27, 2007


... That one be Vitamin water to you. Have u tasted this stuff its pretty good and the packageing is neat. Plus my lil' bro drinks it and he hardley ever drinks water. He was home this wkend ( thats why I was MIA online ,but lots of things to do with the kiddos and home) but anywhoo's had was drinking one called "XXX" lol
Don't have anything to show ya, I didn't scrap all wkend!! Ok, need to call Michelle and get inspired! Did talk to Kristie and she's almost done with Tali's letters for her room! I can't wait & if I know my Sistah there all ribboned up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brake Yo'Self fool!!

You about to me jacked"( oh my bad) once againg I'm being ghetto lol. Thinking of "Menace to Society" when Harold gets jacked for his Benz. Ok, so not that kind of jack, but ScrapJacked! Heres my take on Gen's LO & almost forgot to show it. I tried something new & did the whole Lo on Cardboard(hmmm...) different its ok I guess. And Oupid me , didn't let the stickle dry all the way, so oh well. Love the pic of Tali though,looking cute in her lil' dress from Michelle.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Up, uP & aWAy

It's balloon fest time here. Got up at 6am to take , my sweet lil boy to see the balloon race. These boys are just loving the balloons, they've even taken the "Shoppers Weekly" paper with all the pics of all the different balloons with them everywhere! So every time we see one, they can match it to the pic:) So there is another race this evening, so guess we'll go to that one too.
Got some school shopping down this wkend. Got all the kids some really cute stuff! and shoes of course. Nothing crafty yet, so maybe later on.

Friday, August 17, 2007

So Welcome to a "cool, New, world

Ok, so I've been waiting for my sister to call me about when she's having the baby! well about 10 somthing last nite she called & said her Dr. had broken her water. I didn't I would make it since Kyle was at work and I already had the kids in bed, since they started school today. But at 1am she was still there. So I told her to tell the nurse don't up her drugs so I could be there!! (She prob thoug I was crazY) @ 3:29am Hezakiah entered the world. And I even got to name him, his middle name. Nasir, like NAS, but she's spelling it Nycir. So how cool and check this out.
just sometime for your creative juices, that I found by accident.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yep,I really can't think of a title. Had a pretty good day today. Got out with the kids, ran into town to do some errands. Paid my car payment & picked up Natalia 2 cute little dresses. I was too hot to cook, so I just got Pizza Hut :) Did some LO's for BPS. I wasn't sure about how the "Brown would come out, but I really liked it. So thank you Elsie Flannigan, for cute brown products.

Hey Laura, loved your cute mini "I" book, I can relate to having one of those days. Maybe next time I am I'll create one, so you wanna babysit girl lol

For Melanie:)

Ok, Mel (brown english And everyone else that is asking about my pic on my ScrapJack LO. Yes, we do have our touges out!! Way you ask? Summer had a few piercing & I had deceided to get my tougue piereced so she went along (loades of fun, yeah right lol) So we were just showing off our piercings lol & being silly

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Scrap* jiggy*jiggy Jacked!!

(Gotta say it like G,ggg G-Unit) oh nevermind:) Here's my "Jack for this week. I fun doing it, kinda reminds me of something Stacey Fike would do,hmmm.?. Enjoy

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Fave

Been working on my Art Journal most of the week & this is my fave page so far. All the lil' products I like to use.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Been doin a lil sumtin

Yep, I've been creating most of the weekend. Working on my Art Journal, for Lu's "Art Slam". So much fun & artsey to play with cardboard, bubblewrap! my guesso and Lots of Paint & Ink!! Loving it . Just a little change of something different from LO's and I'm surprised at how creative I'm being & I'm really liking the journal stuff. I'm working in a page now and letting the "stickle dry. Getting a little tired so maybe I'll do a little more & off to bed. Need to spend time with Kyle , plus tomorrow I have lots of laundry to do:)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still Hot!!

... but atleast we got the air fixed now, Thank GOD. Well tried to work on some lil' projects today, like Em F. mini art cards & I just couldn't get started. Maybe later something will hit me.
But someone is being creative in the house:) Went to wal-mart earlier & Kylon picked up a ceremic train set to be painted. I was so Proud of my baby, he worked on it over a hour painting the engine and all the lil' cars. And he was determined to do it all today! It looks pretty good. My paints are getting used ,so cant complain:)

Still Hot

Its still hot here, but Thank GOD, we got our air fixed!!! I'm trying to scrap, well work on my mini art cards, for Em F. but I'm having a block. It figures, while the baby is taking her nap:(
But someone is being creative in the house. Went to Wal-mart earlier & Kylon picked up a pack of ceremic train set. He's been painting the engine, and cars for about a hour now. The like pretty cool & my Paints are getting used.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling "Artsy"

Yep, boys & girls, I've been really feeling very creative lately. There is so much inspiration out there. You find the coolest things on the web :) I hate being broke but, gotta admit I kinda like staying at home. I appreciatiate the lil' things more, like having a made bed everything. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but I can be more a housewife now lol Been cooking alot doing lots of receipes, and I've been washing dishes (for those who know me well, know I don't really do dishes) Been getting up most morings and doing me daily chores. After feeding the kids & praying.

And yes, more time for SCRAPPING how cool. I've been trying to do @ least 1 LO a nite or maybe 2. Getting involved in more groups like AA scrappers, what a lovely group of sistahs. Blogging a little more, more challenges. Cant wait for tomorrow's "jack" getting my BPS stuff done, in 8.5x11.More challenges lol starting my 1st Art Journal, doing some with Emily Falconbrides site & starting on Lu B's art slam" So cant wait to do that more. Cool stuff on Etsy, new PP, working more with my Guesso( HA!)And got my kit coming. Cant wait to get it, such goodness & really cool stuff in! Even ordered the Bam Pop" rainbow stamp and Sara's G*norm (a gnome) stamp. So cant wait till evening, when kiddos are winding down, so I can wind down and cREAte.

Wow, my longest post ever lol leaving ya with some inspiration I did Sat. nite. "1st Day" & "Relaxed Dude" And one I did last wk , just luv it, becauses it pic of Tali listening to my Cousins belly while she was preggo:)

Happy Birthday

Ooops, forgot to send a shout out to my lil' bro. Yesterday was his b-day & he turned 29. Rollin on 26in. in the Avalache. I'm really proud of my lil'bro. He's moved to Phoenix and is doing so well for himself. On another note, still waiting for our sister to have her 6th baby. Wouldn't been coo if she had him on Weasel's b-day, oh well maybe today. I'm giving her to Wed. lol

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The cow gives us Milk!!!

.....Hi-Ho the dairyO the chicken gives us eggs. Ooops sorry just singa a few verses with Kylon lol. Its to hot for a sista. We need to get the air fixed ASAP!! Thanks Stacey Fike for the supa comment on my SJ entry. U Rawk girl:)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Its sooo HOT!!

Man, its hot here. But I did get a lil' load of Tali clothes washed & put out on the line:) So I guess the weather is good for something. Got my ott-lite today & I can tell I'm gonna love it. I tried it out & its supa bright( good) And did my first 6x12 LO for the ScrapJack Challange. It was fun so what am I gonna do with it lol, maybe I'll hang it to I get a album.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost tha 1st!!!!

New kit previews are almost up;) But I really dont need to buy anything else lol. I finally gave in & got a "Ott-Lite" I've been wanting one forever! but kept buying other stuff. That was a must have, since I scrap mostly at night. I really hope Aug. will be better for me. The last couple of months have sucked without having a job. But I def get more done at home, so I feel again ( as my cousin Joi called me ) the black Martha Stewart lol. I've been doing all kinds of new receips, making brownies (yep from scratch)breads and think I'll make something new tomorrow. Plus, my house looks decent. So maybe this is a good thing:)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


So for some reason the blog is not letting me post pics?... something to do with my Pop-Up Blocker. I'll work on it tomorrow, I'm so dang tired. I've been doing all my BPS LO's in 8.5x11 and I just did my Yellow in 12x12, Oh well.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Having a Good Day:)

Got to grocery shop today, which is a lil' hard with 3!! kiddos, even when Kyle is with me. And every trip they shop as well. Along with fruit by the foot, go-gurt, Hi-C drink boxes. Tradjan also picked up a Thomas the Tank dvd. He has like all of them!!! But since he did so go in his summer session of Speech, he deserved it. The boys registered for school Thursday and they start next month(yeahhh!) Just me and Tali. No sports know although Kylon is ready for soccer, he did so good at T-Ball. Think I'll scrap something now or clean up.?. hmmm.....

More BPS

Here's my album I'm storing all my BPS LO's in. I used a AC modern one. And for the first time since I started scrapping I'm doing 8.5x11. How cool.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

BPS, Blue LO

I had fun doing the blue & aqua LO. I finally used a 7 gypsies board book, i've had FOREVER! for my aqua project. I didnt do a LO, instead I made a mini album of inspiration quotes. I turned out very cute. For my "Blue' i used a pic of Kylon in his T-Ball uniform.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happiness is.....

...getting a email from Kah-Mei, of Fontwerks! I emailed to ask her a question & she emailed me back! Not like a sentence or two, but like 2 paragrahs. She is the sweetest lady & I love the new products *fontwerks* are coming out with. So on a bad day, thanks Kah-Mei for the great email:)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lookee What I found :)

Yep, its 2 something a.m. in the morning and I cant go to sleep. Waiting for a download to get the next BPS "Blue" handout, so browsing through A.E's blog & found this
Think I'll try it out, more creativity (challenging) for me to get things done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm so dang tired. Sunday I was so sick and today I have a migriane, maybe cause I havent been taking my meds. But guess I gotta wait till I get some funds:( its hard not working now. But on a positive not I did get my BPS "Orange" LO done last nite & today I altered a old wooden sign I got from a antique shop I used to work at. It turned out cute.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Week

... I was feeling sooo creative. I started on Saturday and scrapped my BPS LO and Tues.-Thurs. I did 1-2 LO's a nite! Wow. thats pretty good for me. The reason I didn't scrap on friday was because Kylon had his last t-ball game. It was so fun on of the other mother go the whole team medals! very nice of her. And everyone was snapping pics like crazy. Then it was off to Mt. Vernon to pick up Tradjan, so I didn't get home till almost 10.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

BPS classes

Ok, me and blogging are not working out lol. I have trouble always signing in *sigh* just keep trying. But I'm loving my BPS class with Carol Wingert. Colors of your world". The 1st wk was Red & Pink. And this wk is Orange. I'm working on my LO now. But here is my LO's from last wk. you just follow the prompt & its so intersting to see how everyone turns out soo different. Loves working with the Omni Gel & Gesso.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oops, guess I forgot

... about this blog. Its been over a year since I posted to it!! Guess I've been busy. Think I'll start posting more now since I don't have to work anymore. Well last time I posted Tali was 5 wks. Now shes 1yr old. Tradjan just truned 8 on the 17th and Kylon had a good t-ball game today. Ok think I'll post later:)