Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday......NOT

.... nope, come on now, fo real. Yea, I really don't even do that lol. 1. too many peeps and 2. If somebody pushes or knocks me down its on lol. Today one of my clients was trying to figure out why its called "Black" friday.. hmmmm, don't know do u? I had a nice Thanksgiving, how bout you? Didn't ate alot, now even everything I made and we had some food lol. Vistied a lil, took some naps and thats its. I am thankful my granny was able to be home to enjoy the holiday with the family & I'm greatful for my lil' ones:) You should of seen Diva in the cranberry lol. So if ya haven't go over to CCC and check out our challenge for this wk. All the girls their so Rawk and I'm lub'n all the entries. So here's my take on Wk.4 To use the quote "Each family has moments" 7 different PP, & fabric. Holla


*Fauve* said...

Hope you had a fab thanksgiving girl!Fabby lyout!

Michelle said...

I have no idea why its called black friday. Maybe because tis such a horrible day to go out and go shopping that everyone should be warned to stay home? ;) Cute lo!

Tautchia said...

Without sounding like a "know-it-all"... I do know why it is called that. LOL!

It's because the retailers make money on that day. They are no longer "in the red" as far as economics. They are now in the black - or making a profit.

BTW - cute page!