Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swing Down, I wanna ride

... Oh my bad. Singing Dr. Dre's "Let me Ride" & all my friends are laughing because that is my answer tone when ya call my celly lol. Man, thats a Ole'school fo yo azz ;) Well, its almost Friday and since not a lot of people read my blog (I think) I'm post my CCC wk.#3 LO. I'm luv'n it , plus it took my like a week to do it lol Using that calender was hard, then finding a white one lol. I'm finally going to get my hair done. I've cancel twice, I know my stylist is hating me now lol. But seems like when I make my appts. Kyle has a gig:( so its put off. Gonna stop at HL, Target to just to look. But first stopping off at the post office, since I have lots of stuff to mail. Happy mail though :)


*fauve* said...

Owmy this is so freakin awesome!!I luv how you used that calender.And i love reading your blog,so keep on goin :D

Michelle said...

I love this lo so much. The colors are to die for! I'm sorry that I missed this challenge. I totally lost track of time. I've added your blog link to mine so I shouldn't be so forgetful. You did an amazing job!