Monday, September 10, 2007


Got a little surprise in the mail today. When the mailman pulled into the drive I was expecting my PI kit, but I got a lil present from Eefie, form Holland. I played along with the Red Velvet girls in their Swapjack. Was alot of fun getting together your 3 fave things and swapping with a partner. So of course one of mine had to be a MAC product lol and I (Heart ) scollopes now, so a pair of scollope scssiors ,stickles and another lil bag of goodies filled with tags, flowers, blings and more. But sweet Eef sent me some cool tag with a Elsie print, a facial mask, some MM chipboard, 2 cool handmad coasters. 1 says yours and then mines. And a awesome ceremic Owl in a reddiesh color. Perefect match for my kitchen!! and even the postcard was neat. So here's my pic of that and oh! my Cover of my ARt SLaM JoURnaL :)

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Eeffie said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! I lost your blog-address so I couldn't send you a 'thank-you'.
I loooove all the goodies you sent me. Thnaks so much!

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