Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where's Da Remote

I don't know, that's what Kyle is asking me now at 1 in tha morning. I'm a little tired. Finally got my hair done!!! Cause if you know me you know I can't survive with out it. Like wearing my spikey but looks even better when it's did. So Sherrike rode over with me and we made a little girls day out of it. With to the mall & a few other stores and of course I had to stop of the MAC counter, even tho I am 'po and to pick up the new season's lipglass. She laughed at me for paying the price , but the got their eyeliner lol. Got Tali a few girlie things for her hair, even though she'll pull em' out and some clothes and we eat. And I was determined to find me a Red microwave and I did. We had fun. So maybe tomorrow I'll get to scrap (after laundry) Told my Best buddy on WT, I'd post a few things. So here's the LO I did I think last wk, luv the pic of Tali and my BPS green LO of Kermit the Frog.
Outtie 5000

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