Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My cute lil' mini's

Ok, so I had one of my nights last nite where I couldn't go to sleep. Visions of creating in my head ;) So I got up at 11 something created a few mini's (atc's) got online, SIS then back to my scrapdesk to create more mini's. I've just gotten into these babies and they are addictive lol. Just did my first set last month for Stacey Fike's swap and being so inspired be Vee, that girl can work a dailie:) She said mine were gorgeous:) So of course I'm very happy:) but she said she hopes I creat more of em. hmmmm... but think I will


Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could be scrapping. I wanted to do that challenge but I've been working like crazy, in addition to two job interviews and jury duty. :( Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully i can get around to scrapping tomorrow!

Marie said...

These are super awesome girl!!! Love them.

Vee said...

you better!! ;)

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