Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thats HoTt

..... I lub playing Truth or Dare over at SIS. This was Kitleen dare. To use the colors. Blue, green and Yellow. Ink, felt & 2 pieces of chipboard. I liked how it came out. And people can see that I actually do have 3 Children, even tho I do scrap alot of Tali (I really just like scrapping my baby, plus I'm supa happy to finally get a daughter lol) type="text/javascript">

I guess i can help fold the laundry lol. I washed Kyle dryed it, and he said "I guess I'll fold the laundry, since I know you won't help & you'll do that all night" yep I was at my scrap desking. Scrapping away ;) But think I'll be nice and help than do my OLW or Scrapjack LO. Than off to bed. Nitey-nite

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