Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Thats right... I said free:) Ate lunch & dinner today and didn't pay anything. Cool, but all this is the result of bad service lol. Had BK for lunch and last with when I went got a Whooper(which I didnt need) with cheese got to mamas to eat & no cheese. So I called back, Hey not trying to be cheap but they charge for that. Had Long John's for dnner. A few mts back went there paid for the food & went to drop mommy off....huh? wheres the food? They took my $$ but didn't give me anything. Then on top of that when we went back the lik' stupid girl, got a attitude with me! OH No SHe DIdn't!! So they manger had to walk her away and her gave us free dessert,which I wanted a :I'm sorry" and the cert. for 2 free meals. So hey thats cool

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Brown English Muffin said...

I hate it when people work with customers and have the audacity to get an attitude...look you picked this job now SMILE!!!!