Sunday, November 23, 2008

Please do not stand on waterfountains!

Beacause you may lose your footing and fall! yep just like I did in the city lol Of all the places to fall I would do so in St.L lol Went there to do Anthony and Corey shoot today. I was trying to get some above shoots of corey on this foundtain and get I slipped and fell hard, broke parts of my lens:( It still works though. but dang my right elbow and thigh are red and sore.
But on a good note I went and cropped with Gina and Carol yesterday! They are seriously some of the sweetest people you'll meet. When I got there Carol came out and gave me a big hug, she had also made us a great lunch. We had fun scrapping and playing camera tag lol just snacking,talking and enjoying the company. When Carol left me and Gina scrapped more and got in the zone lol we were like really concentrating. And Gina even showed me how to work the sewing maching lol So I really need to play with mine now. Its like I've been so busy this week, wow! And just been driving alot lol. I'll have to upload pics tomorrow , I'm tired and sore now.Just chatting with my girl Marie, she's so silly and always makes me laugh:) I luv ya girl, with ya silly azz. Well nite


Arlene said...

oh wow, you really fell!!!!!

goodness gracious! Hope you're feeling better. glad you got to meet the girls and SCRAP! I am JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

Poor girlie girl! Im glad you had fun at the crop. That sounds like a blast.

Dude I gotta call you...I was playing video games last night and then looked at the time and it was hella late lmao! Anyway Ill do it today. Im gonna have to set a timer or something hahahaha.

Luv ya girl!

Gina said...

SOOOO glad you came and scrapped with us girl! Tons of fun! BTW, you haven't seen my Pink Paislee Tinsel Town stamps running around with your stuff have you? I don't think you probably have but I can't find them since I used them I lost them between the kitchen and the office I'll nEVER know!!!! (great pics of the guys BTW!!!)

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