Friday, November 21, 2008

For Real tho'

I spent too much money yesterday! I got up and left like 4 45am to my hair appt. at 6. I went to the African braiding place & got micros. They came out cute, but my head is still sore. Then I went shopping and got the kids a ton of clothes. I'm not even go say how much I spent, but lets just say when I went to check out the lady at the register asked me if it was a lay away lol. And other employees kept coming up and looking at my pile and going wow, or is that for Christmas? One lady told me she hopes Tali finds a rich husband when she grows up cause she's spoled lol. They needed new clothes thought and I'm a sucker for cute lil' girls stuff. And of course really didnt buy myself anything. Ran in HL and got some canvas' and some page protecters they were 50% off. I got 3 packs , can't beat that.
So tomorrow I'm excited , going to crop with Gina and her wonderful mom Carol! I met them on a couple MB's and so far they are the clothes people in Il. to me lol I hope we get something done lol

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