Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hittin Shopping Carts & every damn thang else!!

Yep, today has been both productive & KAOTIC!! Got my grocery shopping and other errand ran. But dang, why a sista have to back into a shopping cart at wally world(my boi said I can't drive lol) It was very windy & didn't even know the cart was behind me till I hit it, Ok,I'm not even go lie. For a minute I thought I had hit a person or another car! My poor lil' suv is getting so banged up, I need to start driving my car. But on a good note to self. I really need to finish up my Photography web-site and get my business cards out. I had a couple of potentional clients today, who wanted a card to book a session. Luckily a know them and can find them;)
So I guess I'm just doing too many projects at once. But seriously I'm really just tring to keep busy (remember the motto for this '09 is to BE HAPPY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I've been re-decorating my house. Started on the bathroom today, got some really cute stuff at Tar'jai, plus I got a deep frezzer so go to happily pull the fridge out to sweep,mop all the 7 years of dust,dirt YUK! Still need a few more pieces of art for my bedroom wall. And got my new tables for the living room. Also need to read my lesson on Filters,and Oh did I metion I'm now learning to knit! lol told ya a sista gotta keep busy. Oh, I do have 3 kids don't I?! Speaking of which, they need to be doing homework! Ok, so come check out Dreamgirls! Loved doing the challenge this time. I'm feeling creative so I'm try to get in some scrapping tonight, since I was officially off call at 8 30 am. Be since I like to have a least 1 pic for ya to smile @ check out the Diva, who is now inked lol. Yep, she loves my scrap yummies:)


Lisa T. Howard said...

OK I'm cracking up at the thought of you hittin' a shopping cart! Hope it didn't do too much damage! I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I've really enjoyed reading, looking at you layouts and checking out your mad photography skills! 2009 is my year to work on my photog skills...I'll have to check back and see if I can't learn something from you! Good luck on your decorating project. I'm doing the same thing...gonna be stripping wallpaper this weekend. UGH! Catch ya later!

sarah said...

that is seriously a really cute picture!

sorry to hear about the incident with your car. if it makes you feel any better, i've hit a pole before! haha. =)

have a great day,

Arlene said...


girl...this is why I don't drive...

my kids really dislike women drivers....LOL...we've had bad experiences.

you've been busy! crocheting now? you're not joking about keeping busy.

thnx for leaving me some love. it always makes me smile. :D

cute photos! I'd totally steal UR DD!!! LOL!!!!

Gina said...

Hey Girl!!! Haven't touched base with you in a long time. How's life? Sounds BUSY BUSY!!!!Drop me a note sometime. :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Missin' you 'round these parts! Hope you haven't been run over by a shopping know, pay backs are hell!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Missin' you 'round these parts. Hope you haven't been run over by a shopping know, pay backs are hell!