Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So who's crankier than a 2yr. old Diva!!!

Yep, there's a tantrum going on right now lol all because she couldn't stay with her granny. But of course I think it's past nap time. Ok, she just fell to the ground lmao!! Ok enough of that, I love my babies fo'sho but sometimes I really need a break, but when their gone you know what? I usually just sit here lol But the weather is getting nicer so I'll be sitting outside knitting (yep I'm getting better;)walking (because I really really need to, cause my azz iz fat!) & doing lots of photo sesssions (hopefully:) But I've already booked a few and have some potential clients, so Praise the Lord!!
Ok, so this blog post is pretty boring with nothing to share & usually I like to have atleast one pic, but I've just been so dang busy plus the week or so I was sick. Feeling better and finishing up my anti-biotics today:) So my plan is too put the kiddos to bed early and do some scrapping! But first I wanna clean my space and re-arrange & if you know where I can get some pretty cute corner cubbby shelves please lmk. But just my luck I'm get called out, since this week I'm on call. Ok off to finish up dinner, since I do gotta feed the chil'dren.
Hugs &Holla


~EssenseVibez~ said...

gurlll, this post is nowhere near boring---you're just going through the everyday life of being a busy mom---i hope you find some time to scrap soon---chat later!!---remain blessed!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Don't you just love a good ol' 2 year old fit! Honestly, I still have them from time to! Hope she settled down, you didn't have to go into work and photo sessions just come pourin' in! Hugs! :)