Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was up way to late

Yep, by the time I looked at the clock it was 3 30 a.m! I guess I was in my own world of being creative, but I did get 3 LO's done. I need to journal on the 3rd and take a pic. Although I did wake up at like 8, but opted to go back to sleep till like 12 something. You would have thought I had went out lol. Did finally get my housework done! Oh, I forgot I need to fold the load of jeans I did a few days ago, Oh well It'll get done eventually. I just really feels good to feel creative again:) Playing with my paint,ink, PP & the 3 Dozens kits I had just sitting there. Yep I'm def. starting to feel better about everything:) So I guess tonight I'll do the same thing again once the kids are in bed. I'm having so much fun doing the AMM crop, it's actually the 2st online crop I've ever done....Wow, huh, but its lots of fun. Finished up Becca's Challenge with was to do a LO with 2 pics,22 brads or buttons, 2 tech,2 types of bling & 2 rub-ons or stickers. I liked the way it came out, plus the pics of Tali are from the 4th of July, last yr. But I'm glad she took the time out of her busy 1yr old schedule to pose for me. I tell ya, that girl has some legs on her! my baby is so purtty:) The 2nd challenge I did was for Anita, to make a LO & use your scraps for a card. Ok, since I'm not a card maker I had fun doing that & I think I'll send the card to one of my friends. Hope your day is as blessed as mine;)


Don said...

Nice looking cards, looks like you took your time and made them all they could be.

Brown English Muffin said...

god I wish I could stay home and scrap....I'd give my right arm...well not literally but you know....the pages are really really nice really inspirational....I'm going to use them for ides tonight.

TracyP said...

Ooh look at you girl! I am impressed:) LMAO