Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to the Basics

...that was just a comment a friend who I hadn't seen in awhile made to me, when I told her I was divorced & the type of dudes I prefer now;) I guess by now I'm use to it & I'm starting to enjoy my wkends alone a little more:) One wkend I actually cryed because I missed my babies, so much. Actually the Diva more than my boys lol its just because she's always around me and it pretty much my best friend now. But my Godparents and sister came to town, so I went and hung with them most of the day. We had fun. Me and Cristy went thriting & I got a few things, then we took 2 of her nieces to DQ got ice cream, we back to Nika's and washed our cars just cause Godfather was washing his lol rode around a minute till I went home. I guess it was good for us, since we haven't talked to much, since she kinda did me dirty. But I'm learning to forgive people more and "let go & let God" I did get a few LO's done, my home cleaned. Might scrap a lil' today, but I woke up with a lil cold, so running nose and sore throat for me, Yuk!

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Michelle said...

hey chickie!how the HELL are you?i got your IM the other day but don't now what happen i've been crazy busy and sick can't get rid of it fine for a week sick for a few days back sick again!ugh!!so annoying!anywhoo loving your creations.. sorry to hear about your divorce hope you are doing well i have really missed you crazy girl :)