Friday, September 26, 2008

I am so tired of driving!

Ok, so I am enjoying my job as a Child Advocate. It's great to work with teens & their families, since I think I have a knack for that & have always been a good listener. But come on now, this frickin driving is killin a sista! esp, when you rollin a SUV. I got a call Wed. before 5, which I was a lil' bummed since I had company. Yep, Kenea had came over & I hadn't talked to her since she lost her twins girls. It was really hard to comfort her & see the pics of the babies at 4mt. Wow! When your prego, u don't even think of them being so developed. But I think she enjoyed the hugs from the kids and the scrappy goodness I gave her;) So anyway I got a call to go to McCleansboro, which I really didnt know where it was. So after talking to the police officer (and he's the one who gave me the bad directions!) I was on my way, came to find out I had driven a hour of the to way to carbondale! Ugh! So needless to say I got there after 7:30, then had to wait another 2 hrs for the girls father to come get her! I ended up picking my babies up like 12 30, and wasn't in the house 10min before I had to go relieve Jennifer who had taken the other call I got, right after this one. I ended up getting back home at 5 30 am! I guess lol. So K's not feeling feel, & I had to miss a call last night, so I might have to get someone to cover me for 2night. Maybe I can get some LO's done tomorrow:)

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