Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Girl

So Sunday night I found out that I made the Design Team over at DREAMGIRLS! Its a awesome site and i've loved the older challenges they've had. Me and and the rest of the new DT will be starting with challeng #18. So I'm supa excited about doing my LO. So thanks bunches Debbie and Delores. I'll add the blinkie and link to my blog, as soon as I figure out how to put my address bar back on the toolbar, so that I can copy and paste. Yes, the lil' Diva has been messing on the computer again lol.
Hopefully I can get my Suvior LO down, for over at Tallyscrapper. I'm behind on alot of stuff, mostly at home. No fun being sick with a household and 5 children of the corn. But I love em. So here's my Dec. Daily mini book. I made using the transparent card and some embeliies from my Dec. Freehand scraps kit:)

Have a Great Evening!!!!

Ok, so I'm back to being a lil' sick again. Ugh! Tracy said she start feeling better the day after Thanksgiving which is the day I got sick lol Hmmm..maybe she gave it too me via tx messages lol. So today I've been busy. I actually slept in late since I was tired from staying up yesterday. So I had to do dishes, wash,dry and fold more clothes and I still have too put them away (which I hate doing) Hopefully Tali will go to bed early, like when the boys go.


p said...

congratulations on the dt!
making mini albums
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debbiefitz said...

We're so glad to have you, Chataqua! Hope you feel better soon. That December Daily album is hot!

kramer_buffy said...

congrats hun!!! woot woot!!!!

Gina said...

Girl that album is sooo cute!!!! CONGRATS on the Dreamgirls Dt too!!!!!!!

Sophia said...

Congrats girl once again for making the DreamGirls DT! So glad to be able to have the chance to work with ya! The mini album looks great you totally rawk it!

Sasha said...

Congratulation girl .. been chilln over the holiday weekend, traveling like crazy so I am hardly home these days. How have you been??

I am so happy you made the DT girl .. so happy.. yah


Brown English Muffin said...

Ohhh if i had the days the hours I'd love to try this!!!

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