Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a tater head!

I was guest DT over at The kit was awesome as always. I had fun playing with the record, album cover & all the other goodies. Gina is too sweet and I'm very thankful for the oppertunity to design for her:) So I'm up this morning, but didn't get to be till late last night so I'm tired but have a million and one things to do. Gotta go get my new bedroom suite! but I still need to finish up painting the top and other parts of my walls before I put that in. Ugh! I really don't enjoy painting. Still working on my photography and trying to start up a web-site. I'll be glad when it starts to warm up, I'm ready to do a shoot. I wish I had my lights now so I could set up a small studio to shoot in for now. Ah, maybe in time. Plus I'm on call for work to night ,so I hope no kids decide they wanna be bad since its not as cold today. I gotta finish up my room.


Susan said...

I have no idea how I have missed seeing your work! I just checked out the Sweet Spuds gallery and was blown away by your art!!! You are so talented! I had to go look at your whole blog. I have been kind of blah about scrapping and you gave me a big boost! Thanks so much for helping jump start my creativity!

Susan Jenkins

p.s. I'm going to have a talk with Gina about keeping you a secret and not letting me in on it. lol

TracyP said...

hey my lil lovely:) Where the heck have u been? lol
Girl these are Da Bomb!!!!! Yay your finally getting your Bdrm done! You only been talking bout it for months!!!! I wanna see some pics:)

Arlene said...


those LOs are awesome!

congrats on making GD!!!

Gina said...

Great LOs!!!! (as always! ;)

Dolores said...

girl those layouts so rock!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

very nice meeting you sis---i seen you on the DREAM GIRLS CHALLENGE BLOG--you remain blessed and keep those beautiful kids happy!!!---oh yeah, stop by and see me sometimes!!!

Sophia said...

Chataqua! Those layouts are rockin! Love the colors and they are lotsa fun to look at!

TracyP said...

Hey girl you been Tagged:):)
Where the Heck have you been??

mizarwen said...

i reli admire ur SB LOs..WTG gurl..

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